8 Thoughts Only Hardcore Book Lovers Can Feel and Relate to


Since young, I’ve always found books to be my escape route.

Whenever things get a little too out of hand, I dive back into my books to seek solace.

There was hardly a time where you wouldn’t see my nose stuck in a book. And so to everyone who loves books the way I do, here are 8 things you can definitely relate to.

1. Spending time with your books is the best way to end your day

After a long day at work, nothing beats curling up in bed with your favourite novel.

It allows you for just that one moment, to forget about all the deadlines that you have to meet; all the meetings you’d have to attend the next day.

2. During work, you can’t help but to constantly think of the book you were reading

And while you’re in that said meeting, all you can think of is whether that girl in the book lived or died.

You find yourself weighing the options and before you know it, the meeting ended and you haven’t heard one bit of what your boss said.


3. Trying to protect your hard copies with your life

Image: lovelace-media.imgix.net
Image: lovelace-media.imgix.net

In your head, you have this perfect scene where you’re peacefully reading your book on the train, with your earpiece fitted snugly in your ears.

But in reality, people are pushing you and you’re standing there all cramped up with your book in hand. Plus it really doesn’t help when the train keeps jerking every few seconds.

4. It’s always one more chapter

Image: webtokri.com
Image: webtokri.com

Just one more, you say. Even though it’s 3am in the morning and you have to be up for work at 8am. How long can one chapter take right?

5. Falling in love with the characters

Image: mshcdn.com
Image: mshcdn.com

In your head, you’ve already associated yourself with one of the characters in the book – you have self proclaimed the role of the girl who’ve captured the heart of the bad boy. Cliché yes, but you still love it.

6. When someone disturbs you just as you’re getting to the best part

Image: i1.wp.com
Image: i1.wp.com

Can’t a girl just get some peace while reading? Is that really so hard to ask for?!

7. Trying your best not to gravitate towards every bookstore that you pass

It takes every ounce of energy in you not to head into a bookstore and grab some books. And frankly, you secretly love it when your friends are taking a whale of time browsing at the store next door – more time with your books!

8. And whenever you start on a series that has yet to be completed, it kills you knowing you’ll have to wait months before the next book gets published

Let’s face it, by the time the next book is out, you’d probably have forgotten what the first book was even about.

Featured Image: straitstimes.com

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