8 Insider Tips to Order Better & Cheaper Cai Png As Suggested by a Cai Png Hawker

Last Updated on 2024-04-11 , 11:32 am

We all have cai png often—heck, some of us even have at least one cai png in a coffeeshop daily. It is definitely a staple meal in our hectic lifestyle, but have you ever wondered how you should order cai png?

While it’s common sense on how to order cai png, there’re just some things that a cai png hawker hates, or suggests against it. As a cai png regular who has built a rapport with a cai png owner, here’re the eight things that the cai png owner suggests that you shouldn’t do.

Don’t just say 加饭 if you want more rice
You know what you should do? Ask for one more plate of rice. The logic is simple: one plate is so small, so even if you加饭, the hawker can’t add more rice as he won’t know how many dishes you’ll be choosing.

Don’t put gravy after you’ve selected your dishes
The best way to makan cai png is when you’ve your rice dripped in curry. In other words, you should add gravy on your rice before you select your dishes so that the gravy will be in your rice instead of on your dishes. But have you ever wondered why hawkers only ask when you’ve selected your dishes? Because many people requested that, so they follow the flow—but a real cai png expert won’t do that.

Don’t start to think what dish you want only when it’s your turn
Usually, during peak hours, there’ll be a queue, so you’ll have time to look at all the dishes before it’s your turn. Don’t spend that time Facebooking or chatting with your friends—if you’re slow in choosing your dishes, the hawker will be fast in taking your dishes, and that means less quantity.

Don’t be afraid to ask what dish it is
Some people like to look at a dish for what seems like forever as if their eyes could do a “search Google for this image”. Don’t be shy and just ask the hawker—most of the time, the hawker is also the one who cooks the dishes. Just ask, save the time and also your face.

Don’t ask for more
If you choose a meat, and then say, “More, please”, you’ll be charged more. Don’t be a cheapskate and think that “more = free”.

Don’t order the meat last
If you’re ordering two types of meat and one vegetable, order the vegetable last. The reason is that vegetable takes less space, so it can be squeezed in easier on the box or plate. If you go for the meat last, you’ll get less as space is limited. Bet you didn’t know that, eh?

Don’t be afraid of the hawker—make friend with him
Yes, they’re extremely busy during peak hours, but after that, they’ll be free like siao. In fact, this cai png owner often seats around during off-peak hours, and he’s bored like siao (if not how can I talk to him about all these points?).

Go make friend with them, and they’ll give you better dishes. In fact, they might ask you for suggestions!

Don’t avoid gravy—make your plate as wet as possible
Cai png that is drier is preferred by people from China—theirs are usually drier and saltier. But if you’re a Singaporean or Malaysian, add in as much gravy as you can. It’s our preference (though some of us might like the drier ones).

Watch this video to the end to know why you shouldn’t eat cai png daily:

Featured Image: Eunice Yeung / Shutterstock.com