8 types of enciks we encounter in the army that you either love or hate

Last Updated on 2017-05-25 , 6:21 pm

The moment a Singaporean male begins his National Service when he turns 18, he learns to give absolute respect to the man called the CSM – the Company Sergeant Major, or the encik.

He is the man (more than your platoon sergeant), he is the boss (more than your platoon commander), and he is the law (more than your officer-in-command). While most enciks carry themselves well enough for all their puny men to follow and look up to, we sometimes don’t know how to laugh or cry at them.

The one who is Superwoman’s grandson
There is nothing your encik’s grandmother cannot do, because according to your encik, she can do everything better than you, including climbing a two-metre high wall in full battle order.

The round one
Nothing feels more unfair than having an overweight, pot-bellied encik waving his pace stick at you menacingly to get you to run faster while he saunters towards the mess.

The thin one
Perhaps having an underweight encik that looks as if he could complete the airborne course without using a parachute waving his pace stick at you, which you might mistake for his arm, might be worse.

The pimp
In camp, he is your nightmare. Out of camp (especially during overseas R&R time), he is the go-to guy for a night of partying. We love him; our girlfriends hate him.

The environmentalist
You are absolutely sure your encik loves nature because he always asks people to touch that tree over there, which usually looks very far away since you’re probably out of breath after he’s punished you long enough already.

The architect
He knows that the wall is falling, because you’re leaning against it to prop it up; that’s why he’s gotten the whole platoon to push the wall and shout “help help the wall is falling”, making all of you look like idiots.

The hot air balloon
He bellows, he screams and he swears, but you know that at the end of the day, he’ll be at the mess drinking his life away while you guys sleep soundly in the bunk.

The camp handyman
For some strange reason, your company is always doing some shit job all around the camp, like sweeping the drains, plucking weeds from the running track or moving stuff from one building to the other. You can be sure your encik was the one who volunteered you guys – just hope he rewards you with off days.

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