84-Year-Old Grandpa Became Insta-Famous After Grandson Dresses Him Up & Put Him On IG

Image: Instagram

It’s no secret that majority of the people on Instagram are fairly young, but let’s get some stats on that anyway:

  • 13-17: 7%
  • 18-24: 31%
  • 25-34: 31%
  • 35-44: 15%
  • 45-54: 9%
  • 55-64: 3%
  • 65+: 2%

So to quantify the “majority” in my sweeping statement:

  • 38% are below 24
  • OR 69% are below 34
  • OR 84% are below 44

Go ahead and pick the age below which you think is “fairly young” (and if you consider only under-24s very young, then they’re not the majority at all and my stereotype falls apart).

Through this ton of written crap, what I’m trying to say is there is statistically very little people online that can qualify as senior citizens.

But the ones that do are golden.

The Old Man Cooler than You

This is Tetsuya, a retired chemistry teacher. His grandson, Naoya Kudo, was back in Akita Prefecture last month for a week.

Supposedly, this was too much free time for him, so he decided to stage a photo shoot for his grandfather using some of his own funky outfits.

And plenty of credit goes to the sporting old man for being totally on board the idea, with Kudo saying: “He was surprisingly enthusiastic about it. He gave a lot of suggestions about where to shoot and other things. The rest of the family went wild when they first saw him dressed up.”

And as you well know, they weren’t the only ones going wild. As of now, 98000 users Instagram are equally intrigued, and the number keeps growing.

Where to Shoot

As mentioned, the clothes are Kudo’s but Tetsuya had a hand in choosing the locations.

They held the photo shoots at the fields and beaches around the neighbourhood and the middle school where Tetsuya was a principal – places of significance to the man.

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It feels like that’s what adds meaning to the posts; it’s not just a granddad wearing his grandson’s clothes, its a man visiting parts of his life in his elderly state and recapturing the memories with the unique touch of the present.

In addition, the authenticity of it all as a shoot done in jest from a grandson to his grandfather is no doubt a contributing factor to the instant Instagram fame.

As Kudo said “things like my grandpa’s long johns and muscle pain patches he forgot to remove added a nice personal touch.”

Tangible Prints

The (initially 1 week long) project that arose as a counter to ennui will, in fact, continue for a bit, with Kudo saying that he still has content of his grandpa to share.

He also aspires to put together an album or photo exhibition for his grandfather, with his former students as guests, for his grandfather’s sake since he understandably doesn’t really use social media.