8YO Girl Who Drank Bubble Tea & Ate Sweets Daily Dies From Kidney Cancer

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Yes. Another day, another bubble tea death.

Though in this tragedy, it might not solely be the fault of bubble tea, just an uninformed parent who loved his child in the wrong way.

Daughter fed sweet treats and bubble tea every day since 2 years old

The father is a pastry chef who loved his child a lot. Ever since his daughter was 2 years old, he would bring sweet goods and bubble tea for her.

This happened until this year when she was 8 years old and grew chubby.

At this moment, you might want to bring his parenting ability and watching his child’s diet into questioning.

But do note that not everybody might be knowledgeable about food nutrition even if it’s obvious.

I’m also sure you have a grandmother who will feed you more than enough food twice the allowed amount for cheat day. They certainly do this not out of bad faith, but just severely misinformed.

Stomach pain in Jan 2019 and hospitalisation

Back in Jan 2019, the daughter would often exclaim about stomach pains and even lost a great amount of weight in a few days because of this.


This was clearly abnormal and made the father worry, which he brought her to the hospital for.

Image: Seehua

A kidney biopsy later from the doctors would reveal severe damage to her kidneys and subsequently diagnosed as cancer.

On questioning with the parents, the cause of her cancer is the very sweet treats that her father brought home every day.

Knowing of the causation, her father kneeled on the floor and cried.

“It was all my fault, I harmed my child. She was still so small, it’s all my fault!”

Image: Oriental Daily

After 30 days of fighting for her life, she passed away.

PSA: Control intake of sweet treats

According to the doctor, overly sweet food can easily harm the kidneys. Although a child can ingest a seemingly small amount of it on a daily basis, over the years this can be extremely damaging, and result in cancer.

So yeah, I’ll joke about Bubble Tea Horror Stories, and we’ll probably keep talking about brown sugar being unhealthy, the undigested bubble teas stuck for 5 days, and the death caused by bubble tea.

But it’s serious business.

As usual, moderation is key.

Just because you might be an adult, don’t think this doesn’t extend to you too.

The food industry likes to add sugar to a lot of things that don’t need it because it is a delicious and cheap way to make things a lot tastier.

Our bodies don’t have time to keep up with our technological abilities to magically extract sugar and dump it into everything, which means our body is quite terrible at handling sugar.

There is countless research done on the harmful effects of sugar, and it’s even called the “White Death”. Do you know how many the opposite coloured death (Black Death) killed? 75 to 200 million in an era where the world population is estimated at 450 million.

So yeah, serious shit here. They’re not naming it “White Death” lightly.

*sips plain water while cancelling my order for 1-for-1 KOI*

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