9 April Fools’ jokes that went so wrong that people actually died

Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 9:35 am

First of April is just around the corner and many people, the young ones especially, are already scrounging up ideas from wherever to come up with the best pranks to put on their friends. But what happens when the prank goes a little too far and something bad, like death, occurs?

Here are some jokes we’d advise you not to get into, not just because they’re done in bad taste, but word on the streets is, they’ve resulted in disastrous consequences as well.

Staging an affair
You probably have seen some videos on Facebook where one party decides to stage a cheating scene and let their partner ‘catch’ them in the act. In the end, tragedy ensues instead when the partner that was ‘cheated on’ runs out the room and shoots themselves in the head.

Staging a suicide
Attempting to jump off the balcony or stab themselves, some people have found themselves in situations where their loved ones who witness these ‘suicide attempts’ try to kill themselves too. Unfortunately, some actually succeed.

The murderous clown
Dressing up as a person’s worst nightmare and hiding in a corner, jumping out and giving chase when someone comes near enough. This has caused deaths from heart attacks and people jumping off surfaces where they shouldn’t to get away from the ‘threat’. And they say it’s all in the name of fun.

The scary ghost girl
Many of us have seen videos of such pranks but did you know that these have caused so many cardiac arrests and deaths from breathing issues? Even I’ve jumped out of my skin a few times just watching these videos.

Bag Gagging
No I don’t mean literal strangulation. That would be outright murder. What I mean is throwing a trash bag over someone and either throwing stuff or playfully whacking that person in a group. What happens when the ones planning this prank are idiots of a whole new level or are drunks? Obviously, death. And most times, they don’t realise it until it’s too late.

Bad news
You DON’T ever tell someone that their loved ones have passed on as an April Fool’s joke! These jokes have ended up very badly with the prankee taking their own lives before anyone could stop them. Way to go a-holes.

A job offer
If you know someone who just had a job interview and is looking forward to getting a job offer from that particular company, don’t be a f-tard and think it’s funny to tell them they got the job as a joke. It’s really not funny at all.

Winning the lottery
When a person is ecstatic about winning a load of cash from the lottery, only to find out it’s fake, it’s a terrible, terrible feeling. You never know when this person may be in desperate need of the money and this prank may just kill them, literally.

Ouija board prank
You would think that something as ‘innocent’ as this will do no great harm to a person. But when a joke goes too far and involves other-worldly entities, seriously, you are really playing with fire. Because we cannot see these things and don’t know what they can do, death is always a possibility and you may be the accomplice.

Top Image: Gang Liu / Shutterstock.com