9 Classic TV Commercials That Used to be Better than The TV Shows

Image: YouTube (Kelly Khoo)

Long, long ago, we got to know about the latest McDonald’s meal through TV.

If you’re so damn young that you didn’t know how TV commercials work, here’s a brief idea: a one-hour show would have three commercial breaks (usually after a cliff-hanger), and these commercials appeared suddenly.

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A few commercials will be played…and suddenly, the show would be back. In other words, in order not to miss any part of the show, you’ve got to watch all the commercials.

And that’s why some uncles and aunties like us can remember these commercials very well: because some of them are replayed like Nth times every day.

The commercial is so old that the McDonald’s outlet there is no longer there. Uncles and aunties used to hang out there, you know.

Even with eyes closed, uncles and aunties know the lyrics by heart. And those kids in the commercial should also be uncles and aunties now.

Uncles and aunties, let’s face it: we know the song, but we’ve got no idea what they were advertising for. Even now.

Despite having angmos in the commercial, we can till relate to this song. And that “Mentos, the freshmaker.”

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On a more serious note, this is one heck of a great commercial, usually between shows instead of in a show.

This could well be the song that convinced uncles and aunties that UIC is the only brand of detergent in Singapore.

You’ve no idea how tough life was before Jamie Teo introduced this new service to us.

Singapore Navy always has the best commercial, and this is the best of the best. Ever.

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Those were the days when buses didn’t have air-conditioner. And those were good days, my little ones.

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