9 Easy Tricks to Keep Yourself Full at Night Without Having Supper

Supper is the enemy of people trying to lose weight, especially when supper always seem to emerge victorious during a lonely night.

Now, if you’re looking to shed some weight or simply just want to stop your unhealthy eating habits, here are 9 tricks to keep yourself full at night without having supper!

1. Drink water before meals

We’re so sick of hearing people say, “you just need determination” and phrases that start that way.

If we were this strong, we wouldn’t have overeaten. So one method to curb hunger would be to drink water before each meal.

Drink a glass or two of water or H20 before your dinner every day to fill up your stomach before each meal.

You will feel fuller after your meal this way and not feel hungry easily after that.

2. Only store food that requires cooking at home

Well, this can be tough if you eat instant foods all the time. Store food that requires cooking only, such as spaghetti, rice, noodles and fresh poultry.

Remove food such as instant noodles, cereal or fruit bars.

If you enjoy eating such food for breakfast, ensure that you only buy enough of these foods for breakfast, and if you eat those foods in the middle of the night, you will bear the consequence of having no breakfast.

Who is hardworking enough to cook non-instant food in the middle of the night?

3. Make fruit juices or smoothies after dinner

Learn to make some smoothies or simply squeeze some fresh fruit juices after dinner. You can search online for amazing smoothie recipes and feel fuller after dinner and stay away from supper. Smoothies and fruit juices are healthy for you as well, so no harm!

4. Take half of your dinner outside, pack remaining half

If you take your dinner outside, eat half of it and pack the remaining half home. Splitting up your meal will make you feel fuller since you will consume half at a later timing when you reach home.

However, don’t wait till it’s 10.00 pm before you start eating the remaining half that was packed – that already sounds like supper.

5. Eat a fruit or light dessert after dinner

Eat fruits after dinner to stay full and prevent yourself from wanting to eat supper. You can also opt for a light dessert such as a fruit pudding or low-calorie fruit pie.

It’s still better than you having supper at 1am or binge eating in the middle of the night.

6. Distractions

Distract yourself by doing something. You can pick up a new hobby if you have enough time apart from doing your laundry and cleaning your house.

Think about learning a new language online or read a book. These habits are only beneficial to you. Don’t do stuff which makes you feel like eating, like watching shows.

7. Stop your emotional hunger at night

Emotional hunger only manifests itself in the form of a sudden craving. Physical hunger will appear gradually, so it’s important to distinguish between the two.

Many factors can also trigger emotional hunger, with one of it being stress. Find it, work on it and fix it, and your supper craving will be gone as well.

8. Make sure you’re not skipping calories in the day

If you’ve been limiting or controlling your food intake too strictly in the day, you will only tend to get extremely hungry at night since you haven’t been eating sufficient food.

Either that or you’ve got another excuse to have supper.

9. Drink a big glass of milk

Milk keeps you full without lots of calories, and the best part is that it takes time to digest. By the time you’re hungry, you’ll be sound asleep.

Featured Image: Suzanne Tucker / Shutterstock.com