9 Excuses People Use to Take MC (How to Get 2 Days MC)


Last Updated on 2023-06-20 , 11:22 am

Disclaimer: We’re not encouraging any anyone to chao geng or tips on how to get 2 days MC, but these are 9 excuses the writers in the office has used before, and worked. How many have you tried before?

Ah, the storied years of youth when you didn’t just rest—you invested in it. You’d splurge on an MC and snuggle into the comfort of your home for a delightful snooze.

An MC that cost you a modest $15, considering the consulting fees and medicine you received from the polyclinic. Sounds familiar?

Gradually, you’d amass enough medicinal wealth to start your own apothecary.

Heck, you might have even befriended a few folks at the polyclinic, thanks to the marathon waiting sessions and the constant crossing of paths.

You might have found yourself reflecting on “how to get MC” more frequently than you’d like to admit.

But don’t fret. For the curious and the uninitiated, let’s venture into this guide on how to get 2 days MC, how to get 3 days MC, or simply take MC without breaking into a cold sweat.

The MC Reason: Crafting Your Narrative

Your arsenal to secure your precious MC is nothing but the symptoms you present, be it at school or the army. Here are a few champions that have stood the test of time:


Ah, the quintessential excuse of diarrhea. No sane doctor would demand proof, making it an all-time favorite.

However, an over-reliance on this excuse might earn you a VIP pass for extensive check-ups and tests at the hospital.

In extreme cases, you might find yourself hooked to an IV to counter dehydration, a common fallout of diarrhea.


The evolution of “a headache” into the chim term “migraine” has a mysterious origin.

Nevertheless, the person who introduced this advanced level excuse deserves applause.

Now, every other person seems to be in the grip of a raging migraine.

Spine Pain

A classic for those diagnosed with genuine spine issues during school check-ups.


Then, “spine pain” becomes their tried and tested polyclinic trump card.

How to Get MC Without Seeing Doctor: Mastering The Act

Feeling Stress and Anxiety

This one’s a tricky play. A believable enactment involves a pale face, hair falling out, and acting like you’re on death’s door.

Throw in a heartfelt speech about the crushing load of homework, tuition, supplementary classes, and CCA, and you might just walk away with a sympathy MC.

For those in the army, complaining about tough training should suffice.


Intermittent stomachache is a great cover, particularly when you’re sporting a healthy glow during the consultation.


Try to maintain the act by clutching your stomach throughout your visit.


When money is tight, you starve for a day and develop gastric. Pair your story with puppy eyes, and the MC is yours.


A handy excuse when dealing with a hangover. Or, you might just invent it spontaneously during your clinic visit, without a second thought about the justification.

Nasal Congestion

The flu is so passé. Blocked nose sounds much more compelling.

Plus, it requires less acting. A simple “I can’t breathe so how do I function in school or army?” should do the trick.

Sprained Limb/Body Parts

It’s flexible (no pun intended). You can claim anything from a sprained leg to a sprained pelvis.


The only requirement is to limp your way to the doctor’s room. Bonus points for yelling “pain” when the doctor probes.

For those wondering how to avoid getting an MC, praying that people around you wear masks might be a good start.

Remember, this guide is merely a humorous take on the art

By the way, if you’re one who doesn’t want an MC, you should hope that other people wear a mask. Watch this video and you’ll understand:

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