8 Facts About Golden Mile Complex, The Iconic Building That Might Be Gone Soon

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Singaporeans, you may cry now because yet another place in Singapore with a lot of historical value might just be gone soon.

Yup, I’m talking about Golden Mile.

Image: Paer Svensson / Shutterstock.com

Known to many Singaporeans as Little Thailand, this iconic building is now going on en-bloc.

Around 724 owners for 550 units have voted to go ahead with the en-bloc. That equates to 80.83% of the total share value, and 85% of the total area there.

Given how developments have to meet an approval rating of at least 80% before it can go on en-bloc, Golden Mile is given the go-ahead to proceed with their plans.

So before that happens, here are eight facts about Golden Mile Complex for us to remember the place by.

1. Golden Mile Was Really Golden In Its Days

Believe it or not, this “lok kok” place wasn’t always like this. Back when it was first built, Golden Mile was the Paragon of Singapore back then.

The entire development took $18 million to build and it’s the place where affluent people lived in and go to for entertainment.

Remember, that building costs $18 million to build back in 1973.


The Golden Theatre was one of the biggest theatres in Singapore back then and had a preview room together with a VIP lounge.

2. The Golden Mile Complex Was A Breakthrough in Singapore History

Golden Mile was famous for being one of the first developments in Singapore to have offices, homes and shops all in one building (that’s now pretty common, though).

The building was designed by Gan Eng Oon, William Lim and Tay Kheng Soon from Singapore architect firm Design Partnership (now known as DP architects).

And living in Golden Mile back then was a dream. After all, you’re living in a luxury apartment and penthouse with a beautiful view of the sea and sky. With shops below your home leh.

3. The Design of Golden Mile Was Praised Worldwide

Now, you look at Golden Mile and you might think it tacky. But when it was first built, it was described as an exemplary example of “megastructure”.

Image: Paer Svensson / Shutterstock.com

World-famous architecture expert, Dutch Rem Koolhaas, declare Golden Mile Complex and People’s Park Complex as “accidental landmarks and bold, experimental structures”.

The design of the building makes the entire complex look like a huge luxury ship.

In fact, Golden Mile Complex was even included in a tour in the Singapore Architectural Festival back in 2007.

4. It’s home to great Thai Food

Image: Hypequiva

This is something that everyone knows, but just in case you don’t, we’re going to put this in.

If you’re looking for something sour, savoury and authentic, then you’ll never go wrong with Thai eateries at Golden Mile Complex.

What more, these places sell Thai food that’s authentic and delicious at extremely reasonable prices.

And several of their eateries are listed as the top places to visit in Singapore for a delicious Thai meal.

5. Great Thai Food Is Just One Half Of The Equation

If it’s called little Thailand because of just Thai Food eateries, then you’ll need to be disappointed.


After all, Jurong Point has Mong Kok street but you don’t hear people calling Jurong Point the Little Hong Kong of Singapore, right?

Another half of the Golden Mile Complex moniker came about because of the things you can buy inside.

From Thailand sauces, noodles and fruits to rice, massage and candies, the entire shopping centre is like you’re shopping in Bangkok itself.

Without even having to use your passport.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Thai things you need to buy in Golden Mile Complex. You might want to check it out before it’s too late.


And yeah, the last we know, those items are real Thai items, not some OEM items manufactured in Singapore and slammed with a Thai brand #justsaying

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6. The night comes alive with Golden Mile Complex

If you’re looking for alternative places for an exciting night out in Singapore, you might want to consider Golden Mile Complex.

One, they have Chang beers and clubs that are set to keep your heart pounding. And two, it won’t damage your wallet that much too.

7. The Golden Mile Complex’s Image Starts Deteriorating in the 1990s

So, the question is, when did Golden Mile Complex stop being the darling of Singapore?

I mean, the best mixed-use development, world-famous architecture and greatest cinema ever. What happened?


It all started in the 90s.

Foreign workers in the area get into fights near the complex. The management had a hard time managing its facilities and the complex’s toilets were thought to be the dirtiest in the entire country (you’ll know if you’ve been there). Try walking in its stairway and you’ll understand.

When a cave-in happened at Nicoll Highway, people were afraid that the Golden Mile Complex might collapse. These concerns were put to rest when the Land Transport Authority and the Building and Construction Authority investigated and declared the building safe.

It also doesn’t hurt that some of the businesses in the complex are considered to be sleazy.

8. Golden Mile Complex is a Vertical Slum

Unfortunately, not everyone will be sad to see the Golden Mile Complex gone. Nominated Member of Parliament, Ivan Png, called the iconic building a ‘vertical slum’.


He criticized how the shopkeepers and residents put up various items on their balconies and made the place look bad.

Golden Mile Complex is said to be a national disgrace to Singapore, marring the cosmopolitan and modernistic image of the country.

But here’s one more thing to add.

Yes, the location of Golden Mile complex is pretty good, and the building’s sitting on some prime land space there.

But there’s still a chance that people might not turn up to buy.


The Golden Mile Complex have tried to go on collective sale twice before, the latest in 2006, but ultimately failed.

The building’s lease started in 1969 and it’s approaching the 99-year milestone. Meaning the new owners might need to top up millions to extend the lease.

But whichever it is, you might want to visit Golden Mile for the last time before its too late. After all, the mookata there, according to my colleague, is amazing.

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