9 S’pore Jokes That People From Other Countries Won’t Get It

Image: paulaphoto / Shutterstock.com

If you’ve watched Crazy Rich Asians, you’d have realized there’s a joke that only Singaporeans would have understood. But let’s face it: some of us went into the cinema, expecting some Jack Neo jokes but walked out of the cinema empty-joked.

And to fill up that void, here are a few Singapore jokes that only Singaporeans (and Malaysians) would have understood.

Because it’s Tuesday, and we need something to perk us up.

Coffee Vs Bread

What’s noisier: coffee or bread?

Bread. Because BreadTalk (Bread talks) while Kopitiam (kopi diam).

Butter Out of the Window

Why does Ah Lian throw butter out of the window?

Because she wants to see Butterfly.

Heaviest Food in the world

What’s the heaviest food in the world?

Wonton mee (one-ton mee)

Barbie Dolls Queuing

Why does Barbie dolls always die when they queue up for Hello Kitty?

Because they’re barbecued (Barbies Killed)

The two most beautiful MRT stations in Singapore

Which MRT stations in Singapore are beautiful?

Peter Tay meets a Genie who helps him wipe off three of his past mistakes. You won’t have expected what he wished for for his third wish. Watch it here:

Simei (“is pretty” in Chinese) and Tanah Merah (“of course is pretty lah” in Chinese)

Singlish Food Names

An ang mo went back to his country after visiting Singapore, and was impressed with how simple Singlish is. He told his friends, “I was in Singapore and guess what? Chicken is called ‘ze ge’, pork is called ‘ze ge’, egg is called ‘ze ge’, broccoli is called ‘na ge’ and spinach is called ‘na ge’!”

Vegetable Selfie

What do you get when a vegetable take a selfie?


Student Being Expelled

One day, a student bid goodbye to Mr Chee. The student was expelled the next day.

4D & Wife

The difference between 4D and a wife is that one, you’ve a chance to win. The other, you never win.