9 Things You Can Expect From Your First Facial Experience You Didn’t Know

Last Updated on 2016-12-09 , 3:40 pm

Oh, facials. I’m sure we have heard myths about them being a huge pain in the ass, but what we don’t know, is that sometimes, it really doesn’t hurt as much what people usually rant about online. And when they do, it’s also probably because they went to someone that was not as experienced in this field. 

And for those who were wondering – why do I need facials when I can simply use cleansers to clear out the impurities on my face?

Well, yes, cleansers can clean out the impurities in your face, but only some of them. What really harms your skin, are the dirt and bacteria that are deep into your skin and pores that are causing acne and blackheads to constantly appear – causing uneven bumps and red marks on your skin.

So for those who has not been to facials before, here are some myths debunked for you!

1. They don’t start just immediately

No, you do no just go into a facial centre and expect them to start the treatment for you immediately.

Many times, you’ll have to go through a facial assessment process to find out the real reason behind the breakouts so that the beautician will know the best treatment for your skin!

2. Treatment varies for different skin types 


Not all treatments are the same. If you go to the right beauty centre, the beautician will customise specific treatments for your skin because no two skins are the same. 

3. It’s going to hurt

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Granted, we have myths going around that facials can be a pain in the ass, especially during the extraction process when they start to squeeze our your pimples. That’s true – but only to a certain extent.

The extraction is going to hurt, but it will only hurt a little if your beautician is a professional and are equipped with the specific skill sets to extract. It’s more of like a “pinch and go” kinda thing.

4. Your complexion is not going to look picture perfect after the treatment


Do not go for a facial treatment and expect your skin to look completely flawless after that. Yes, your skin condition will improve, but it will not be 100% better. You’ll still need to go for several sessions for the effect to really take place. However, after a good and effective treatment, you will be able to see clear before and after effects such clearer, more radiant skin.

5. You’ve to be completely honest

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Especially when your beautician asks about your dietary habits and skincare routine. They will go right to the details, so expect some personal questions to be asked as well – but nothing too invasive! 

6. Be prepared for the unexpected 


That you will have a renewed spirit and skin for the next few days. Trust me, going for a facial is not just about extracting dirt.

Sometimes, the masks that they put on your face can be really divine, complete with the body massages after the treatment. 

7. You get one helluva good rest during the session


Think soothing music, dimmed lights and a cozy atmosphere. You will feel most at ease especially during the masking process – where they will leave you in the room for around 15-30 minutes for you to rest and relax.

8. You don’t always have to say yes


Many people are always wary of going for facial trial sessions because of the “hard selling” methods that they are afraid beauty centres will employ.

You don’t always have to say yes, but judge it on the experience you’ve received. No one’s going to threaten you at knife point and make you sign the contract! 

9. They are all tried and tested 


For those who are worried that the facial treatments will not work on you or will cause adverse effects, well, our best advice would be to choose a skincare centre you know is reliable and reputable! In most award-winning beauty centres, the products would have been tried and tested and curated for the most sensitive skins, so you can just enjoy your facial treatment with a peace of mind!

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