9 Other Things Your EZ Link Card Can Be Used For Besides Taking Public Transport


Last Updated on 2020-02-20 , 10:26 am

Don’t think that your plain ol’ EZ Link card is useless.

Sure enough, it may look boring, but it actually has many secret features that nobody bothers to find out.

Apart from using your card to take public transport, here are ten other useful functions of your EZ Link you might want to integrate into your daily life.

1. Taxis and private transport

Did you know that the EZ Link logo is pasted on the windows of some taxis?

EZ Link card payment is accepted by the following taxis:

  • all upgraded Comfort & CityCab
  • Premier Taxis
  • SMRT Taxis

If you’re feeling a little touristy, you can also pay for your River Taxi ride using the card!

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Other than that, some private buses also accept payment via EZ Link.

2. F&B

Before I did my research on this topic, I thought that I could only buy McDonald’s with my EZ Link.

Image: 9 concept

But I kid you not, there’s an extensive list of all F&B outlets that you can patron with just your EZ-Link card in hand!

3. Borrow books

Are you still holding on to a student pass?


Did you know that other than getting your card confiscated for not completing your homework, you can also use it to borrow books from the school library?

Many people who frequent the school library would have already known this, but there are always many blur sotongs out there.


But of course, you can also use your student pass in Public Libraries as well.

Bonus: Student Meals

Since we’re on the topic of being a student, did you know that there are many restaurants out there waiting for your business?

Take Eighteen Chefs for example.

Image: Eighteen Chefs

It is a popular go-to for youngsters because of its student meal.

A full meal with ice cream and a drink can cost less than $7 as long as you present your student pass.

Sigh…those were the days…

So next time you’re heading out for lunch, just bring your student pass along cos you never know when you might run into a good deal!


4. Shopping & Retail

Need to help your mom buy something from the supermarket?

Or do you need something from a bookstore?

Here’s the list of all kinds of retail where you can get your stuff with just a tap of your card!

5. Driving-related services

EPS Carparks

Image: ezlink.com.sg

You can use your EZ Link card in all carparks that accept CEPAS.


Image: ezlink.com.sg

With the new Dual-Mode In-vehicle Unit (IU), you can go through any ERP with your EZ Link too!

Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) Payments

Image: ezlink.com.sg

While travelling in and out of Singapore, you can also use the handy card to pay for your toll charges.

I’ve grown up watching my dad frantically reach for his credit card when we exit carparks.

Time for me to whip out my EZ Link card like a God-sent lifesaver.


6. Leisure & Entertainment

I still remember those school days where I will run to Timezone with my friends to maximise the time I have before my tuition starts.

As a poor student, you can imagine how convenient it was for me to just swipe my EZ Link card and play like there’s no tomorrow.

Be it ice skating rink or gym, there’s a ton of activities that you can pay for using your trusty travel card!

7. Machines

Image: Honeycombers Singapore

Vending machines are gradually accepting payments via EZ Link as well.

These machines are widely seen in school compounds.

You can also use the card to pay for other services, like printing, for example.

8. Government services

This function surprised me the most.

I never thought that I could get through a Government service with just a transport card.


Be it the Health Promotion Board or the Immigrants and Checkpoint Authority, there’s bound to be somewhere for your EZ Link to do its job.

9.Medical & Healthcare clinics

Normally people pay their medical bills using their credit cards.

But did you know that you can pay for your medical needs in selected clinics using just your EZ Link card?

Here are just some of them:

  • Thomson Paediatric Clinic
  • Etern Medical Clinic & Surgery
  • Dental on The Bay
  • Asia HealthPartners
  • Island Orthopaedic

So next time you’re going to see the doctor and you forgot your credit card, this might just save your life (figuratively).

Okay, now that your life is made so much easier, don’t you just want to go out and spend some money?