9 Things S’poreans Should Never Do to Their Maids Other Than Pouring Hot Water on Them

Last Updated on 2016-09-09 , 4:13 pm

You’ve read stories about how maids abuse the family they’re supposed to take care of, and how they stole money and sometimes husbands.

You’ve also read stories about how Singaporeans went out of control and abuse their maids, often in a sick manner that even you cannot tahan.

But other than pouring burning water on them or hitting them, did you know that there are a couple of things that shouldn’t be done?

Here are 9 things Singaporeans should never, ever do to your maid.

1. Don’t make them spoil your kid

Image: Facebook (A maid eye’s view of Singapore Employer)

Just like babies have to stop drinking milk, your kid has to stop depending on your maid too.

If not, you’ll end up like this NS man who infamously got a shout out on many social media platforms.

2. Don’t ask them to do things you wouldn’t want your kids to do

Image: The New Paper

Remember when you were a child and you got scolded by your mother when you lean out of the window? Don’t ask them to do what you don’t want your kid to do.

3. Don’t take her Sundays away


Since she’s already working 6 days a week, Sunday is her only off day where she can dress pretty-pretty and go to town. Taking her Sunday away is like asking her to work 13 days straight. Don’t be so mean.

 4. Don’t treat her like she’s superwoman

Image: pinterest.com

She’s good at what she does and is pretty obliging but hey, you’re paying her, like what? $550 per month?

Yes, the Hokkien saying: want cheap, want fresh, want everything (Ai Pi, Ai Qi, Ai Dua Liap Ni) doesn’t apply here. She’s only human, and can only do that many things.

5. Don’t disrespect her

Image: giphy.com

Disregarding the fact that this is basic manners, you wouldn’t want your kids to pick up on your bad habits, right?

Imagine him going out and treating everyone like his maid, or like the whole world owes him or her a living. Yup, that’s how you grow a spoilt brat.

6. Don’t vent your anger on her

Image: nextsingapo.com

Unless you want to look like a siao chabor or siao tabor and have your one minute of fame, then you’re more than welcome to do it. I mean, they are all new to the country and need time to adapt to our culture.

 7. Don’t “guilty until proven innocent” them

Image: quickmeme.com

We’ve all heard stories of maid stealing money, stealing your hubby and all, but really?

Judging her just because of what other maids did is like saying all Singaporeans abuse maids. Just saying.

8. Don’t stop her from getting a boyfriend


Look at Leticia and her boyfriend. So happy.

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P/S: Don’t take her iPad away and give to your son ah.

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