9 types of fashionistas you can see in the office in S’pore

Whoever said only polytechnics and universities are fashion schools? Well, news flash, the workplace is even more of a fashion school. The entrance of the office is the fashion runway, and all of you are the models. Have you seen these types of fashionistas around your office?

The Lady in Black

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Seriously, you’ve never seen her wear anything other than black. Black clothes, black shoes, black bag, you get it. Seems like some people never kick out their emo phase.

Man in Suit

Image: leungchopan / Shutterstock

We all know how hot the office can get even with aircon, so we avoid wearing any blazers or suits in the office. Except for that one guy who never ever takes his suit off. But we have to admit he does look hot in that suit.

“It’s all about statement” lady

Image: pinterest.com

We’re talking the one who has a different statement necklace with her outfit every single day. It’s chunky, it’s funky, it’s all about the statement.

The Poised and Elegant

Image: pinterest.com

That colleague makes it seem like the office is a palace. Her style is to dress just like Kate Middleton – primp and proper like the lady your ah ma told you to be.

The Colourblock

Image: pinterest.com

Some make it, some don’t. These days, colours are important. No one likes to wear the same colours for their tops and bottoms. So what if you look like Christmas if you wear red and green, or the Singapore flag if you wear red and white? Slay it anyway.

Ready to Club Colleague

MISSGUIDED black Cut Out Panel Bardot Bodycon Dress MI511AA26IXTMY_1
Image: zalora.sg

It’s figure-hugging all day, err day. You’ll wonder if she came to work or play. Well, guess we all know where she’s headed to after work.

Million Bucks Fashionista

Image: indoboom.com

The one who only wear expensive clothes and carries expensive bags. It doesn’t matter if it’s Chanel or Prada or Coach or MK – if it’s expensive, it’s fashion.

The All-Rounder

Image: polyvore.com

The one who wears basically anything and everything that fashion is supposed to be. There is no one style, this colleague loves trying new fashion styles!

The Bo-Chup

Image: thuglifeshirts.com

The ‘I come here to work, not to dress up’ colleague. If T-Shirt and jeans were allowed, he or she would probably just wear that. Or even shorts and Bermudas.

Now all you office fashionistas out there, try not to overdo it by cat-walking your way to your desk in the office.

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