9 Warning Signs That Show You Will Be Botak Soon


Last Updated on 2016-11-17 , 11:23 pm

Many of us don’t bother with such issues when we’re young, wild and free. But, there will come a time when we might face an issue with our hair—becoming botak.

Are you overly concerned or are you really turning bald? While being bald like Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson can look totally hot, Asians mostly just look like they have a di zhong hai.

Here are 9 warning signs that show you are soon to become a botak!

1. Your fringe is thinning

Thinning of fringe is the first and most obvious sign: Your fringe will start falling off, which eventually leads to a higher forehead and receding hairline. Which takes us to the next point.

2. Check if you have a receding hairline

How, you may ask? Ask your loved one to verify, but if you think they don’t want to hurt your feelings, then ask a co-worker on a day you’re feeling gutsy enough. If you find this out ASAP, it’ll be easier for you to fix the problem.

3. Shedding hair without being replaced

Shedding of hair is completely normal. It’s when your hair doesn’t grow back, then you really need to start worrying.  

So ladies, no screaming or sighing when you find strands of hair in the shower drain. But if you realise that the volume or thickness of your hair seems to be reducing as days go by, you know something’s very wrong.

4. Visibility of bald patches and spots

Get someone to check the top and back of your head for you—either your mum or your significant other.

If you spot bald patches and spots, it’s time to start thinking about getting hair treatments from the professionals like Yun Nam Hair Care.

5. Hair in your comb

Having strands of hair in your comb isn’t an unusual sight. It happens to the best of every one of us. But if you find that the amount of hair in your comb is unusually high (think clumps), well, you should be very very concerned.

There must be a reason for such an abrupt onset of excessive hair fall, right?  

6. Lots of hair in your bathroom drain

We all know the horrifying sight of our bathroom drain clogged with a copious amount of hair.

Observe the amount of hair you shed in the shower. If you realise it’s suddenly getting a lot more than usual, something’s wrong.

7. Lots of hair strands on your pillow

If you find yourself waking up in a pile of hair, please get your hair and scalp checked.

8. Hair on bath towel

Gently pat your hair, not rub it dry with a towel after a shower. If you’re not doing anything harmful to your hair and it still falls easily, you should be worried.


9. Hair fall due to a bad diet

Crash dieting, cutting out whole food groups in the name of slimming, or not getting enough water, protein or essential fatty acids and vitamins can cause you to shed excessive amounts of hair.   

Eating too much deep fried, oily, salty or sugary foods may also have the same effect. We rest our case.    

This article is written in collaboration with Yun Nam Hair Care

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