9 Ways That’ll Help Get Rid of House Lizards For Good


Last Updated on 2023-06-21 , 10:12 am

How to Catch a Lizard in the House: An Entertaining Guide

Do you know that stealthy roommate you didn’t sign a lease with? Yes, we’re talking about the unwelcome house lizards! Whether they’re catching mosquitoes or just skittering across your living room wall, their presence can be unsettling. While some find them helpful in reducing the mosquito population, their lightning-fast movements and jumpy severed tails can be disconcerting. So, how do you evict these scaly squatters? Here’s a humorous guide on how to catch a lizard in your house, set the best lizard trap, and make your home less lizard-friendly.

Craft Your Own Lizard Trap

Supermarkets and D.I.Y stores are usually loaded with lizard traps that cost just a few dollars. These traps, usually made of cardboard, come with built-in attractants to lure lizards. The interiors are sticky, ensuring that once a lizard ventures inside, it’s in for a long stay. Unfortunately, you might need multiple traps and a few days to win the battle if your home is teeming with these quick creatures.

However, if you’re into some craftwork, you could also make your own homemade lizard trap. From shoeboxes to water bottles, the options are endless. These homemade lizard traps are less harmful and non-toxic compared to repellents. Plus, there’s a certain satisfaction in outsmarting a lizard with a trap you’ve made yourself.

Lizard Repellents: Your Unwelcome Mat

If setting traps doesn’t appeal to you, or you simply can’t find any in stores, check out the online world for lizard repellents. Available in sprays or electronic versions, they make your home an uncomfortable place for the lizards. For instance, the electronic repellent creates an unpleasant environment with irritating vibrations and sound waves. You might not kill them, but they’ll soon be knocking on your neighbor’s door instead.

How to Lure a Lizard Out of Hiding

Ever wondered how to lure a lizard out of hiding? Just ensure there’s no reason for them to hide in the first place! Make your home a clean, clutter-free zone. Regularly take out your trash, clear any food remains, and watch the lizard population dwindle. Bonus: this will also make your home less inviting to their BFFs, the cockroaches!

How to Trap a Lizard: The Secret is in the Smell

Garlic is not just for your pasta; it’s a fantastic tool in the mission of how to trap a lizard. Lizards are believed to detest the smell of garlic. So, hang some around your windows and doors or anywhere you suspect they might be hiding. If you can tolerate the smell, garlic sprays can also be effective.

For those not thrilled by the smell of garlic, consider peacock feathers and eggshells. Lizards associate these with larger birds (their predators), and their presence can effectively scare them away.

How to Catch a Lizard: The Chill Method

What if you’re an animal lover and the thought of killing a lizard, even a trespassing one, is too much? Here’s a gentle method on how to catch a lizard in your house: just douse them with ice-cold water. The sudden temperature drop immobilizes them, allowing you to trap them with a piece of cardboard and release them outside. But remember, they might find their way back into your house, so keep those lizard traps ready!

By maintaining cleanliness, removing food sources, and regularly inspecting your house for cracks or holes, you can keep these unwelcome guests at bay. And if all else fails, remember that lizards are just nature’s way of providing free pest control!

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