90s Kids’ Dream Girlfriend Rainie Yang Said Yes To Li Rong Hao’s Marriage Proposal

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That’s what I’m singing to myself now.

I’ve had a pretty 暧昧 relationship with my childhood crush Rainie Yang for a long time now.

I mean, who hasn’t?

On my part, I’ve listened to her songs and bought her albums ever since I was a primary school kid until I was an adult.

On her part… well, she may or may not know of my existence. I once screamed her name really loud at a fan meet.

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For the slightly older folks, they might remember her as the host for GuessX3 together with Jacky Wu and Ah Ya.


They, too, have often thought of marrying her.

But today, I woke up to tragic news.

The sadness of this news beats the Song-Song divorce or the Fan Bing-Bing divorce.

Rainie Yang Is Getting Married

What? Isn’t that good news?

No. My 暧昧 partner is getting married. Be right back, let me bawl my eyes out.

*sniff sniff* Alright, I’m back *sniff sniff*

It all happened when Rainie Yang was out on a yacht with her fake boyfriend Li RongHao, who’s also a singer himself.

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Translation: This man celebrates his 34th birthday today. Happy Birthday @LiRongHao

Image: Weibo

Pfft. Not romantic at all. I’m not jealous. You’re jealous.

Just when everyone thought it was just another date on a yacht for them, Li RongHao broke the news on his Weibo.

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Translation: Today is my 34th birthday, and also my wedding proposal anniversary. Thank you for saying yes @YangChengLing

Li Rong Hao then also posted it on his Instagram account to rub it in my face celebrate his happy moment.

Dating Since 2015

Despite being a well-known celebrity, Rainie Yang has always been candid about her relationship status.

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The couple found each other at the end of 2014 and confirmed their relationship in 2015.

Since then, they’ve been nauseating sweet, not in the overboard Bieber-Cyrus style, more of a low-profile, I’m-always-here-for-you type of sweet.


Li Rong Hao, who’s one year younger than Rainie, has six solo albums under his belt, and is coming to Singapore in October this year for his world tour concert. One can only wonder if Rainie would be accompanying him here #justsaying

Back in 2015, rumours broke out that Rainie Yang is married to Li Rong Hao, which caused the internet to break. It should, my world’s breaking apart right now.

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All jokes aside, I’m truly happy for the couple. After all the divorces, separations, cheating, and scandals, we all needed to see some love in the air.

Too bad for me, I should not have let our relationship stayed as 暧昧 so that I could perhaps be the one marrying her.

Too bad I never 年少有为.

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