A ‘Cursed’ Theme Park is on Sale for USD$6 Million in the US


Investments are the way to go if you want to get rich and stay rich.

And in Singapore? That means properties.

The most expensive property in Singapore right now is a penthouse at Wallich Residence.

Image: Wallich Residence

And it was recently snapped up by the founder of Dyson at the cool price of $73.8 million.

Image: Tenor

What if I tell you that for a mere fraction of the price, you can get an entire theme park?

Ghost Town in North Carolina

Up in the mountain top in Maggie Valley at North Carolina lies a ghost town. Literally.

It’s a 230-acre theme park called Ghost Town.

Image: Beverly Hanks

The theme park is modelled to look like an old Wild West ghost town with over 40 buildings, rides and roller coasters.

It was a pretty popular destination to visit in the area and in its golden heyday, gets about 400,000 visitors per year.

So you wonder, if it’s such a good place, why was it shuttered?

It’s Supposedly ‘Cursed’

According to legends, the theme park itself is “cursed”. It has its fair shares of accidents, which include mudslides, equipment failure and a real gunshot wound in a fake gunfight.

Besides that, the park constantly faced financial problems and had closed its doors more than once in its 60 years of history.

Plus, it is a popular destination for Urban Explorers who look for such sites and post photos and videos on their page.

And, of course, to get views, the place as to look as ominous as possible, no?

It didn’t help that the park was supposed to re-open in April this year but didn’t.

And so, right now in July 2019, the property is still on the market for a cool USD5.95 million (~S$8.08 million).


Looking For Funding

But there was a reason for the postponed re-opening.

Spencer and Valerie Oberle, previously key executives at Disney, has a 5-year plan to revive the theme park.

Unfortunately, for them and the people who were looking forward to visiting the theme park again, they had issues with funding.

But they’re not giving up and are still seeking for funding.


So, if you have a spare S$9 million lying around and you don’t know what to put it in, you might want to become a theme park owner.

A popular theme park owner, to be exact.

Image: Facebook

Just don’t let the cursed reputation get to you.