A Dog That Has Been Chained Outside Its Owner‘s House for 3 Years Was Suddenly ‘Stolen’

Image: Facebook (Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore)

Back in 2016, Asiaone reported about a group of people who focuses on the welfare of chained dogs in Singapore. Back then, it comprises a trio who volunteer their time for the good cause and the article used an example, a dog nicknamed “Rusty”.

Rusty, back then, has room to only move a little area as he is chained pretty tightly to a pillar. According to the group, it has been chained since 2015.

Image: Facebook (Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore)

The volunteers then fought for Rusty’s rights and eventually, the owner lengthened the chain but the chain remains.

Not for a day, a month or a year.

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For almost three years.

Because recently, he’s back in the spotlight.

Petition for Rusty’s Freedom

The same group that has managed to get Rusty’s chain lengthened three years ago hasn’t given up hope for the dog’s freedom.

Apparently, the owner, who’s allegedly a man in his 60s, has chained Rusty after he “walked into a house” nearby. Pretty sure a parent won’t chain his kid for years should he or she wander off, but anyways.

After the group’s intervention, the owner told SPCA that he would allow Rusty to roam around at night, but soon after he became chaining Rusty again. However, there’s nothing much they can do since it’s technically not illegal for an owner to chain his or her dog.

Image: Facebook (Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore)

For the dog’s freedom, the group even offered to buy Rusty for $1,000 but the owner declined.

Do you have someone in your office who doesn’t dare to make a call? If so, this video is for you:

With almost all avenues exhausted, the group started a petition, looking for 2,000 signatures. So far, it has garnered 1,609 signatures.

Image: thepetitionsite.com

But this could all change.

Rusty Suddenly Disappeared

Here, take a look.

If you can’t read, here’s what it says:

It is confirmed that a police report was lodged by the owner on Sat (27 Oct) afternoon. At the moment we can conclude that Rusty’s whereabout remains a mystery.

Ms Shirley Tjandra and YC Yeo have kindly stepped up to help us to locate Rusty using animal communications.

Since 2015, Rusty has been perpetually chained to a wall.

This is the time Rusty needs us and we are not about to give up yet. We need to assemble a search team. Would you join us to find him? Pls pm us if you can help.

Last location: Rocher Canal.

And in an earlier post, it’s revealed that the dog is stolen.

Which leads to a speculation like this…

But think on the bright side: could it be a Robin Hood who finally rescue Rusty?

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