A ‘Famous S’pore Actor’ Allegedly Donated $100K a Year to Fake Charity & Got Adv Deals from His ‘Kindness’


Charismatic, good-looking, well-spoken.

These are characteristics most of our popular local artistes possess.

But what are they like in real life? What are the morals and values they stand by? I often question this, and perhaps this is why I have always liked an artiste’s work, but I never claimed to like them as a person.

With the most recent drama (involving some leaked Instagram messages) which exploded within the local entertainment industry recently, it’s safe to assume that your favourite celebrities may not be who you think they are.

Sadly, very few of us know them beyond their on-screen personalities.

Actor Unknowingly Involved in Fake Charity

If you are already offended by some leaked messages or scandal, the following piece of news will most likely leave you speechless.

One unnamed Singaporean actor was accused of giving money to a fake NGO in Cambodia to enjoy respect, popularity and advert opportunities with big brands.

The Accuser

This was shared in a powerful and insightful post by Dork Silong (pictured below) on Learning Service, a Cambodian educator and tour guide.

Image: LearningService.info

In his post, Silong wrote about how many non-profit organisations (NGO) in Siem Reap are empty shells – organisations that claim to benefit the society but is in fact, doing nothing or worst, harming the future of young children involved.

Personal Experience

Image: TheNGOList

One of Silong’s friends managed to partner up with a local well-loved artiste, who donates $100,000 annually to the school that the friend opens. Instead of putting the $100,000 to good use in the educational sector, the friend purchased a Lexus (not the biscuit but the car) upon receiving the first instalment.

It is not shared if the actor is ensuring that his money is making a positive impact, so he might just be a victim who naively didn’t ensure that his money is going to the right people.


However, according to Silong, the actor has no need to care, as long as he receives a good name for the fact that he is doing charity and helping the Cambodian young children.

Now, doing social work is highly looked upon in this day and age.

Companies strive to do corporate social responsibility to maintain brand image. Similarly, the actor had managed to build up his image through social work, receiving many projects and earning bigger bucks.

So Who is He?

The main aim of Silong’s post, titled “So, You Want to Build Me a House?” – When Volunteering Fuels the Wrong Things (Part One) is really to shed light on the dark and sinister side of volunteering in Siem Reap from a local perspective.

Do read the post if you are interested.

OK, reading up till here, I’m sure you are as kaypoh as me and can’t wait to know who the actor is.

I’m sorry but that would not be possible as Silong is mindful of personal relationships and consequences and had declined to reveal any names.

Unfortunately, this only meant that the actor is able to continue on his ways.

If you really want to know, you can ask our BFF, Mr Google.