A Feature in WhatsApp Can Kind of Reveal a Person’s BFF


Last Updated on 2022-06-18 , 12:54 pm

WhatsApp has come a long way since its inception and has revolutionize the way we communicate through messaging.

Over the years, WhatsApp has added lots of features to their application which adds up to the entire user experience.

They have the double ticks, which let us know whether the other party has received our message, the single tick which shows that the message has been sent out but not received by the other party, the blue ticks which shows whether your message has been read.

The most recent feature that has attracted our attention was the WhatsApp video call function and the setting that we can toggle to cut down on WhatsApp call data usage. Not to forget the WhatsApp on computer function.

But did you know, there is actually a hidden function within Whatsapp itself that will reveal to you who your best friends really are?

Well, kind of, given that you would most likely message your best friend and, of course, send him or her countless images.

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It’s actually a relatively simple feature: the app would list down the “storage space” of each individual, and the one on the top would be one whom have sent you the most number of things, be it pictures or videos.

I’ve got to admit that it doesn’t work for me: the first for my case is my colleague as I have to send him stuff regularly via WhatsApp, but the second is indeed my BFF. Well, still close enough.

If you’ve a friend who wants to check on her boyfriend / husband, here’s what to do

#1 Go to Whatsapp Settings


#2 Select Storage and data

#3 Select Manage storage

Depending on your phone, the Manage storage might be in the Settings tab instead: Just play around and you’ll find it.

What you will see is the total amount of WhatsApps sent at the top of the page, and rank your contacts according to the size of your interaction with that person or group.

This function was originally placed there to inform you how much space your WhatsApp chat is taking up on your phone, but hey: we’re all creative to use it for other purposes.

If you’re reading this on your phone, why not check which of your friends get into the top of your list?