A Japanese Reviews Sembawang Hot Spring Park & Said It Was A ‘Legit Onsen’


The Sembawang Hot Spring Park has just reopened on 4 Jan 2020 after an extensive makeover.

And if the before is this dude:

The after is this:

In short: Beautiful AF.

But How Good Is It As An Onsen?

When you think hot springs, Japan comes to mind.

Image: dryadphotos / Shutterstock.com

And if you’ve ever wondered how Singapore’s very own Sembawang Hot Spring Park compare to Japan, the land of onsen itself, wonder no more.

Because a Japanese YouTuber, Ghib Ojisan, went to try it for himself and made a whole video reviewing it.

Not a Traditional Onsen

The first comment he made when he got to the onsen is that it’s different.

Unlike traditional Japanese onsen, you can only soak your feet here.

However, he added that it smelt like an onsen.

So Hot (とても暑い)

The last person you’d expect to say an onsen is too hot is probably a Japanese, but yes, he did say that.

There are three tiers to the cascading pool, and the one which he put his hand into is 45°C.


The highest tier is the hottest at 70°C.

The footbath area, however, isn’t that hot compared to the cascading pool.

Although he did incredulously comment that it’s crazy to soak your feet in hot water in the warm Singapore weather.


Eggs Not Included

What’s the one experience that cannot be excluded when you go to an onsen?

Cooking eggs in hot spring water and eating them, right? And you can do that Sembawang Hot Spring Park too.

Except, as he found out, no eggs are available at the Sembawang Hot Spring Park.


Pails and scoops for cooking the eggs, however, are provided free-of-charge.

So, what’s the final verdict?

“It’s a Legit Onsen”

At the end of the video, everyone waited with bated breath. What did a Japanese think about Singapore’s only onsen?

It was really nice.


It’s a legit onsen.

And he wishes eggs were sold there.

Although having lived here in Singapore for decades, I’ll prefer if they do not. After all, we all know what happens if eggs are sold at the onsen itself.

The price of an egg at the onsen will skyrocket.

Here, you can watch his full video below:


Just make sure to be considerate when you’re there, eh?

Pour the used water into the drains. Throw your eggshells and waste into the bins. And don’t steal any of the pails or scoops home, yeah?

**All images are screengrabs from Ghib Ojisan Youtube video unless otherwise stated.