A ‘My Melody’ Cafe is Coming to S’pore in June 2018

Do you guys still remember when the Hello Kitty Cafe opened in 2016 at Terminal 3?

I’m sure we all remember the horror stories of the long queues that started hours before the official opening of the cafe.

Image: ChannelNewsAsia

Okay, to me it is a horror story because there is literally nothing I hate more than queueing.

After all, the mouth-less cat is renowned for causing queues in Singapore – so much so that the phrase “a Hello Kitty queue” now means “a long queue” (my linguistics major colleague tell-ed me one).

But now that all the hype surrounding the Hello Kitty cafe has died down (as a nation, we should probably all chill out on jumping on food trends tbh) and the queues have long gone, it’s operating like any other regular cafe these days.

And it’s been quite some time since we as one united people got really hyped about something.

However, that’s going to end soon.


A ‘My Melody’ Cafe is opening in Singapore!

Image: Facebook (My Melody Café Singapore)


My Melody, affectionately known as My Melo is a very pretty and cute little rabbit who is BFF with Hello Kitty.

And I personally think she’s super adorable.

Plus, she’s the right kind of millennial pink that we are all going to go crazy over because it is still very on trend.

And let’s be honest: even if millennial pink is a trend that is slowly fading away, a My Melo cafe is gonna bring it right back.

The outlet will be at Suntec City and even though we don’t have an official opening date yet, we know that they are opening sometime in JUNE.

Image: Trong Nguyen / Shutterstock.com

Are you excited, yet?

Just so you know, the cute Gudetama cafe is also located in Suntec City (is that place going to be the next hipster mall?).

This is allegedly the exact address:

3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Mall #01-361
Singapore 038983

Hey, wait a moment…isn’t that the same address as the Gudetama cafe?

And seeing that the Gudetama cafe Facebook Page apparently promoted the My Melody Cafe Page…

Image: Facebook (Gudetama Café Singapore)

…it could only mean two things: it’s sharing a space with Gudetama cafe (that would be cuteness overload X100) or Gudetama cafe is converting into My Melody cafe.

Either way, it’s fine ‘cuz it’s the cute rabbit that counts.

We also know that the cafe will have the cutest little garden al-fresco (indoor) dining area, complete with a floral arch, a garden-themed mural wall and a perfect little cottage house to bring to life all the cutesy and girly vibes.

Sanrio lovers, you can start jumping up and down with glee because this is gonna be fantasy come to life!

There will be five mains, six desserts and seven character-customised drinks.

I will say this, the food and drinks are going to be very trendy, very Instagrammable, and very, very pretty.

Image: Wordpress/Cookingwithkathyman (image is for illustration purpose only)

But as with most trendy foods, it probably will not be the best-tasting type out there (arh, the burrrrrrrn). So don’t expect some amazing standard of food in terms of taste.

It will definitely make up for that with its looks and presentation, however.

For all you lovebirds out there, this cafe’s pretty aesthetic is going to be perfect for the romantic dates and the very adorable couple pictures we are all going to swoon over.

Well, come June, this is going to be the hottest and trendiest place in Singapore to be.

So get ready to come down with your friends, lovers and/or family and take some awesome pictures for the ‘gram.

Here’s just a brief idea of how cute it would be (this isn’t in Singapore, of course; you can skip direct to 1:48 to see the cafe):

When we know the specifics, we’ll let you know.

So in the meantime, brush up on your photo-taking skills and make sure you’re tuning in to find out where you gotta be and when!

Now you know what Singaporeans are talking about today; do check back tomorrow for another piece of news of the day!