A Scientific Study Shows Why Eating Alone is Bad For You

Here is why your friends are keeping you alive, literally.

As social creatures, I’m pretty sure that most of us have blanched at the idea of eating alone during recess or lunch breaks.

In fact, I’m certain that most of us still think of it as a horror, although we may be more accepting of it than before.

To all those who dare to brave the loneliness of eating alone, I applaud you — but I also cry for you.

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But It’s Not Good For You

Apparently, we do have a legitimate reason to badger our friends about eating together.

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Recent research shows that eating alone may actually be detrimental to your health.

So the next time your friend refuses to eat with you, you are allowed to cling on to their arms desperately and cry dramatically, “I will be dead because of you!”

Eating Alone Will Cultivate Bad Habits

Case in point: have you ever put off eating lunch just to wait for a companion, or bought from the nearest fast food chain and hole yourself up in an enclosed space to eat in the company of your phone?

Don’t worry, you are not alone; I have, and according to researchers, most of the world has, too.

The culmination of all these bad habits is probably why studies have shown that people who eat alone have a higher risk of contracting heart disease or diabetes.

For me, eating alone is so stressful that it will probably give me high blood pressure. So if you ever thought that eating alone was pitiful, this new piece of information will probably elevate pitiful to tragic.

It’s Worse For Men

But take heart! For women, at least. To all the men out there, I sincerely mourn for you in advance. Although men who eat alone have a 45% higher risk of obesity, the same cannot be said for women, for which results were inconclusive.

Alas, there are instances when women can take it easy compared to men.

Another group of people who will probably shed a few tears over this news are fanatics of the Korean culture.

The pool of available oppas will probably drop, seeing as eating alone is a common practice in South Korea.

Time to start searching for other people, fangirls (not American ones though, because the United States has the same culture)!

Other Factors

Of course, loneliness aside, there are still many other factors that will affect your health. So popular kids, don’t go off thinking that you’re spared!

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The moral of the story is to make new friends wherever you go.

Healthy or not, life is certainly more exciting when you have people to share it with.

Schedule a lunch date with a distant friend instead of eating alone. My junior college principal used to tell the school, “make 200 friends”. Maybe I should have taken him seriously.

At least then I can have 200 other people to eat with.

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