A Study Showed That if You Like Spicy Food, You’ll Live Longer


Last Updated on 2021-10-25 , 5:52 pm

Hooray for all curry and chili lovers and other spicy food fans: it seems like you won’t need the fountain of youth anymore!

A study has shown that there is a 13 percent reduction in mortality for people who ate chili peppers as opposed to those who don’t.

Fresh and dried chili peppers were by far the most frequently consumed spicy food sources, and the chemical capsaicin is the one helping with the decrease in mortality.

What’s more, it can even increase fat burning, so you can lose weight while enjoying your delicious meal!

After reviewing thousands of people who died over a seven-year period, they found that those who ate spicy foods six or seven times a week enjoyed a 14 percent lower risk of death than those who ate those only once a week.

In particular, those who took spicy food more often were shunned more often by cancer or respiratory system diseases.

Then again, we better watch out for the side effect, as I’m sure us spicy food lovers know how our bladders disagree with us after eating. Occasionally, we might have woken up with a cold brought on by the previous meal of hot food.

There are also various kinds of spicy food, like hot sauce or spicy wings, and all these different types have their unique chemical make up. Not exactly the feast we had in mind and it turns out that ‘You are what you eat’ still applies to our favourite foods.

But just like everything else, moderating how much spicy stuff we eat will ensure we make full use of the benefits and not further the negative impacts.

Alright, so they can’t make you an immortal, but you can still enjoy life longer! There are too many things to do out there, but we bet taking a trip to buy some super spicy curry to go with your prata is one of them.

Featured Image: TUBIRY.PHOTOGRAPHY / Shutterstock.com