A Study Shows That a Couple Who Gains Weight After Being Together Has a Solid Relationship

For those in a relationship, I’m sure you have always wondered what is the most important sign of a happy relationship.

Is it mutual trust and constant communication?

You are correct but there’s more.

A key sign that contributes to a happy relationship is something that you will never expect: weight gain in both parties.

No, not I say one.

Here’s what the experts say.

According to a study by National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in the US, which was conducted by tracking 169 couples who are first-time married, they have gathered results showing that weight gain during the relationship is a positive sign for the relationship and that couples who remained slim after their marriage tend to have rocky relationships which ended in divorce.

These results have led to researchers associating weight gain with happiness. The reason why weight gain has an association with happiness can be narrowed down to a biological function in our brains that associate positive body image with attracting members of the opposite gender.

It is theorised that happy couples tend to gain weight because they do not have pressure to maintain a positive appearance in order to attract others and that couples who maintain their weight are actually subconsciously doing so in order to find a more attractive partner.

Despite these results, you should also not overlook your health even if weight gain is a positive sign in a relationship.

Even if either party in the relationship does not feel the need to find a new partner, you should also ensure that your weight is kept in check as excessive weight gain can lead to potential health problems such as diabetes and heart diseases.

If you are still contemplating whether weight gain in a relationship is actually good or bad, here is a piece of advice from the researchers who mentioned that it is not wrong for you to ignore your appearance because your partner accepts you for who you are, but do keep in mind that you must also watch out for your health.

So the next time you realise yourself gaining a few inches around your waist when you are in a relationship, think of it as a sign of a happy relationship, but at the same time, you should also ensure that this is kept in check to avoid negative complications to your health.

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