A Study Shows That Doing Push-Ups Can Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attack

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You know what?

The SAF, SCDF and SPF might be on to something when they decided to change the IPPT test system a couple of years back.

Because according to legends (read: a recent study), it was found out that the more push-ups you do, the less likely you’re going to die of a heart attack.

Yes. Really.

Harvard’s School of Public Health Study

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Researchers got together to study 1,104 active middle-aged firefighters over a ten-year period.

And this was what they found.

There was a correlation between the number of pushups a man can do and the risk of cardiovascular disease outcome.

More Than 40 Pushups = 96% Less Likely To Get Heart Problems

So if you want to see if you’re at risk yet you’re unwilling (or unable) to fork out money for a checkup at the hospital, do this (granted, not really accurate) test instead.

Just get into the pushup position and pump out as many reps as possible.

Once you can’t do anymore, you’re done.

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Here’s what the test will indicate:

  • 40 or more pushups: congratulations, you’re safe.
  • 15 to 20 pushups: Not so great.
  • Less than 10 pushups: GGWP. You’re 30 times more likely to get heart disease in the future.

It’s Only An Indicator, Not a Foolproof Test

If you score less than 10, don’t start crying in the corner. Because as the researchers have indicated, the pushup test is simply an indicator.

In Singapore terms, we’ll call it a guesstimate.

So if you’re overweight, not flexible or just in a poor physical condition, the pushup test will be harder. And these conditions do indicate a higher risk of mortality.

And if you’re a long-distance runner or in a sport which doesn’t require much arm strength, you might bomb the test but still be in good physical condition.

But Here’s The Great News:

Not everything’s set in stone.

If you can train yourself to do more pushups, it can help reduce the risk of getting heart problems.

According to the study, every pushup you do after the baseline of 10 decreases the risk of getting heart problems.

And if you’re a guy, well, it wouldn’t hurt to do a pushup regime because one) you’ll live longer. And two, well, you’ll get to pass your IPPT and maybe even get incentive money out of it.

One bird, two stones, aye?

So with that said…

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How Many Pushups Can You Do?

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