A Study Shows That Singing KTV at Least Once a Week Can Actually Help To You To De-stress

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As I type these words, I’m still listening to G.E.M.’s Yan Shi Li De Hua (岩石裡的花) on repeat on YouTube.

It is a song about finding a way to love, and G.E.M.’s powerful and breathy vocals have already entranced my morning walk and routine, striking the core of my heart with unrequited sighs and putting a slight swaying jounce to my step.

Being a fan of Mandopop (sometimes English songs), I often hit the KTV bars for a singing session over drinks – or my lesser preference – KTV rooms.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t exactly have the pitch-high-perfection of JJ Lin, nor the lazy mumbling of the King of Mandopop, Jay Chou, that shot him to world fame.

Image: Giphy

Heck, I wish I were a little like Sam Smith, but his hair-raising falsetto range is safely out of my grasp, so I can NEVER attempt his songs.

Image: Giphy

What I can hope for, realistically speaking, is to take any song, throw it out it with feeling and hope that I will not run awry of pitch (being a noob).

Why Karaoke, you ask?

Well, when was the last time you sang? I don’t mean humming brokenly in the shower; I was a graduate of Off-Key Toilet Belting.

Image: Giphy

I mean really hitting a KTV outlet and seriously opening your throat and heart to, and in spite of, the gawk-eyed judgment of your friends.

You should do it.

And not I say one. Science says one.

It’s Good For Your Health

Studies have shown that hitting the proverbial microphone once a week helps us to let go of that hecticness and rigidity in the body, those notorious negative effects of modern work life.

When you sing, music moves through your veins and muscles, freeing your tight heart and windpipe in preparation for the flight of song. The brain releases endorphins, those happy hormones in the brain that give you pleasure for hours.

Oxytocin, the “Cuddle/Love Hormone” is also released, resulting in the alleviation of stress and anxiety. Oxytocin also enhances the bonding and trust among your friends as you sing together.


Who doesn’t want to hug their friends, right?

Image: Giphy

Moreover, Cortisol, that main alarm-inducing, stress-dishing hormone of the body is pulled back, easing you thus into a more relaxed state of calm.

In short, it destresses you, possibly even better than running.

Why KTV Should Thrive in Singapore

This is the case in Japan and Korea, where they work long hours and get very little time off. Hence they need a good way to combat stress, and that’s where karaoke comes in.

A few times a week, office colleagues, workers and students would hit one of the many KTV outlets and let off their uptightness and whatever work-induced ailments.


This includes grudges.

After you’ve sung a song and received rousing applause, tell me if you can still hate someone.

Even if they are part of the crowd, it’s more probable you would rush over and embrace them and let go of the hurt.

Singapore is not so much different than Japan or Korea. Our high stress, KPI-based work culture drives many through the roof, chains our feet always and forever to the grindstone till we hit our graves.

Why then, can’t we embrace something healthy, such as KTV, to let go of stress?


Image: Giphy

This article tells it all. I’ll leave it with you as food for thought…or, as we are on the topic of KTV – song of choice.

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