A Study Shows That Talking to Yourself Regularly Can Turn You into a Successful Person

Do you have the habit of talking to yourself?

If so, here’s the good news: you’re probably a genius and a very successful person.

So if you’re that person who has often been called “crazy” because you spend a bulk of your time talking to the air, then you should show your friends this article.

(Though I’ve got to admit that people who do that often do it alone)

In a 2011 study published in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, researchers showed that if you talk to yourself, it will affect your mental capability, allowing you to have better performance due to images that would appear in your mind.

Kind of like how a person would perform better and make better decisions when he or she draws a mind map.

Now, just think about it: of all the successful people you know, do you realize that most of them like to talk to themselves? At least I do.

So, what’s the logic?

Logic on Why Talking to Yourself is Good

Firstly, talking to yourself improves your memory. Have you ever tried to memorize something by repeating it aloud? Well, that is essentially talking to yourself, and let’s admit it: it works like magic, right? Spending hours trying to remember something isn’t as useful as just saying it out loud.

Secondly, speaking to yourself clarifies your thoughts clearly. Having all those backlogged tasks in your mind is going to stress you out, and saying them out to yourself is going to make things clearer.

No doubt it’s faster and more effective to write them down (think: mind-maps), but nobody has got time for that.

The third reason is something important that many have not taken note of: talking to yourself leads you closer to your goals.

As mentioned, talking to yourself reminds you of a memory that you might have shelved aside (your goals), and talking to yourself clarifies your thoughts (your goals, too). Every self-help book would suggest this: remind yourself of your goals clearly every day, and you’ll unknowingly achieve them.

So, if you speak to yourself, the very obvious benefit is this: if you like a new BMW, you’ll get it soon. As long as you tell yourself about the new BMW every day.

And telling yourself mentally won’t work because you’re not reminded that clearly.

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What are you waiting for? I’m so going to talk to myself daily.

Just remember to do it alone. You won’t want to be Stomped.


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