Taiwan Celebrity Slammed for Saying He Ate Eggs Every Day

With cancel culture and inflation both being rampant in today’s society, it’s no secret that many of us these days have to mind both our mouths and wallets.

And one celebrity in Taiwan learned that the hard way.

Through eggs.

Yup, that seems like an egg-xtra weird way to learn a lesson, but it’s what happened.

And the celebrity in question? Aaron Yan, a Taiwanese actor who’s also well-known as a member of Fahrenheit, a boy group which was active in the 2000s.

Here’s what happened.

Posted on Social Media In Response to Egg Shortage and Inflation in Taiwan

For the unaware, Taiwan’s been experiencing a shortage of eggs and a rise in egg prices as of late.

As a result, many netizens have posted photos of them being unable to purchase any eggs because they’re all out of stock.

However, in response to the situation, Yan posted on social media and said that he is able to eat eggs every day and asked jokingly if it was a hallucination.

He even said, “Are you all arguing that eggs are too expensive, or there are no eggs? Please choose your stand. Anyway, I choose the stand where I can eat eggs every day.”

Hit Back at Netizens at First

After his post, many netizens called him out for his insensitivity and said that he was unempathetic to other people’s struggles.

Some even sarcastically asked if he was an Emperor of some sort and if that was why he did not know how expensive eggs are these days.

To that, he responded by saying that he was able to buy eggs in the supermarkets and stores that he visited as they were in stock, and he even said that he was “willing to share the eggs with netizens”.

He also pointed out bluntly that the entire world is facing an egg shortage now and asked netizens not to “create a scene” about this egg issue as it would just make things more complicated.

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Eventually Apologised

However, Yan eventually apologised on his Facebook page on Thursday (23 February).

In his post, he apologised for his lack of empathy and to those offended by his remarks.

He also apologised to those who spoke up for him and said that he would continue to be concerned about various societal issues in the future.