Abandoned Shih Tzu Found Tied To SPCA’s Fence In Blistering Heat; Given Furrever Home By Staff

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I just wonder if I can just be a cat or something. Just carefree, not giving a hoot about the world, doing my own things.

And then I remembered that humans are generally pretty terrible towards animals and there’s climate change and all.

Welp, better remain human. Or given that you guys don’t have sufficient evidence to say that I am an actual human behind the screen, at least continue to pretend being one.

Behind the scenes at GoodyFeed / Image: Giphy

So here’s a random joke.

A man went to the zoo, but all they had to show there was a dog.

It was a Shih Tzu.

Geddit? Shit zoo?

In my dream world, Shih Tzu are prime targets of harmless jokes like this and being cuter versions of ewok.

Image: Giphy

But in reality…

SPCA Found a Shih Tzu Tied To Their Fence in Apr 2019

SPCA Singapore shared a story of a Shih Tzu found tied to their fences in April 2019, who was later adopted by staff and given the name “Sunshine”.

Image: Facebook (SPCA Singapore)

He was left under the hot sun, and probably over 10 years old. Like many other abandoned dogs, Sunshine had skin problems and other infections.

Image: Facebook (SPCA Singapore)

Why, hoomans? Why you do this to animals?

Me when I saw the dog’s state / Image: KnowYourMeme

Sunshine Is Well And Happy (?) Now

If Lawrence, the staff who adopted Sunshine, proved anything, it is that not all hoomans are bad to animals.

He definitely treated Sunshine like his own child.

Image: Facebook (SPCA Singapore)
Just look at this blessed image / Image: Facebook (SPCA Singapore)

Like buying clothes (that admittedly look more fabulous than my own clothing) for Sunshine to protect his sensitive skin.

Image: Facebook (SPCA Singapore)

He also gave Sunshine a fabulous diamond collar and regularly cleans Sunshine’s eyes, because Shih Tzu tends to have a dry eye problem.

Image: Facebook (SPCA Singapore)

They also go on regular walks on a dog pram.

Lawrence notes that old dogs like Sunshine tend to be less popular as they are less lively compared to younger dogs, but they make the perfect companion for those who prefer calmer dogs.

Image: Facebook (SPCA Singapore)

As a cat who is chained to the Goody Feed office, heartening stories of animals finding a proper home like this warms my heart.

So here’s a picture of a giant cat terrorising hoomans just because:

This isn’t a warning. Probably. / Image: Reddit (u/MemeTemplatesOfficial)


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