An ABTM Actor Has Spoken Out About the ABTM4 Saga & It’s a Full Smackdown

If you haven’t caught up with the news yet, here’s a quick run through of the entire ABTM4 saga and what exactly happened.

So, on May 27, Shrey Bhargava went for an ABTM4 audition and left the place feeling outraged and completely ‘disgusted’ with himself because he was asked to do a ‘thick Indian accent’, and he did he anyway despite how badly he was against it. 

Feeling extremely horrible about what he has done, he decided to take this opportunity to type a long post on his Facebook profile saying how upset he was because 

“Films play a very important role in shaping our ideas, perceptions and feelings towards social issues, our country and each other. It’s 2017 and it’s time for us to change. We cannot keep perpetuating stereotypes. We must begin to recognize that Singapore is NOT a Chinese country. We are multiracial, and multilingual.

We must recognize that and make films that reflect our reality. Films that discourage stereotypes and reinforce our one Singaporean identity. If films are made that have Indian characters that speak with normal Singaporean accents, then people will not be given a chance to believe that all Singaporean Indians speak in a certain stereotypical way.

I do not deserve to feel like a foreigner in my own country.”

This Facebook post attracted many people’s attention in Singapore, including blogger personalities like Xiaxue as well as ABTM Actor, Maxi Lim.

In a Facebook post, Maxi Lim responded to the saga by first sharing Xiaxue’s Facebook post regarding the matter with the caption “Well said.”

However, that did not stem well with Shrey, who went to send Maxi Lim a PM saying how surprised he was that Maxi shared Xiaxue’s post and how disappointed he was that Maxi agreed with her views.

You can see the full Facebook post below. 

Here’s a summary (but I suggest you read the whole thing instead):

  • Shrey once PM-ed Maxi, asking Maxi to put a good word for Shrey to the casting team
  • Maxi likes Shrey’s acting
  • He feels that when one messes up in an audition or feel unfair, posting it online is a lack of professionalism
  • Suggests Shrey to “leave his ego at the door” because this firm is a comedy
  • Suggests that the casting team was just testing Shrey’s ability to take direction
  • Hopes that if Shrey is cast, he will stand by his beliefs and reject the role (burn!)

Well said, Maxi. Well said. 

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Featured Image: Maxi Lim (林俊良)

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