ABTM’s Noah Yap is charged and in DB for 9 months—here’s what you should know


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 4:48 pm

If you have watched Ah Boys to Men, you will know who Noah Yap is even if you can’t remember his name. He took on the role of Ip Man in ABTM, as well as acting in another Jack Neo movie The Lion Men. Noah Yap is also a local Youtube personality. He was recently found to be guilty of consuming cannabis/marijuana/weed and was sentenced to 9 months in detention barracks – the equivalent of prison in NS.

The news came out on 2nd March, shocking everyone including his mentor Jack Neo, who said that he had already warned him not to take drugs before. Yap is currently still serving NS as a lance corporal, having enlisted in May 2014. He is also part of the SAF Music and Drama Company.

A SAF spokesperson has already spoken and upheld that “The Singapore Armed Forces adopts a zero-tolerance approach towards drug abuse.” Since Noah Yap is a first-time offender, he could have been jailed between 9-15 months. He has been sentenced to the minimum 9 months for this first offence. Repeat offenders could even receive caning on top of being jailed.

Noah Yap was sentenced at the SAF Court Martial Centre. When he finally ORDs, he may be trialled again at a civilian court for his offence, since the SAF CMC is not a proper civilian court.

We are not sure whether to criticise him or feel sorry for him. After all, it’s only 2 more months till his ORD and now, he will have to wait till next year. What do you think?