4 People Investigated for Abusing Safe Distancing Ambassadors & Flouting Safe Distancing Measures

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Besides some groundbreaking scientific discoveries, we’ve learnt three important things during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. People will suddenly develop a strong urge to exercise during lockdowns
  2. Toilet paper could replace Bitcoin as our future currency
  3. People don’t like being told what to do

The last is especially apparent when residents here are told what to do by Safe Distancing Ambassadors (SDAs).

Except in this story, no Badge Ladies or Sovereigns were involved.

4 People Investigated for Abusing Safe Distancing Ambassadors & Flouting Safe Distancing Measures

The police are investigating four people for abusing enforcement officers and SDAs, as well as breaching safe distancing measures.

They are three men and a woman, aged between 25 and 54.

The four allegedly committed the offences in three separate incidents in the past month.

Here are the details:

First Incident: Man Verbally Abuses SDA at Redhill Food Centre

The first incident took place yesterday (10 June) at Redhill Food Centre.

The accused, Ng Chwee Hock, allegedly used abusive language towards a safe distancing enforecment officer (SDEO) when he was advised not to sit at the table in the food centre to consume his food and drinks.

As you know, dining-in at F&B establishments is not permitted and will only be allowed from 21 June.

Despite this, Ng allegedly refused to comply even when police officers advised him to do so as well, and continued to abuse the SDEO.

How dare you ask me to follow the law!

Today, Ng was charged for using insulting words against a public servant, and will have his case heard again on 9 July.

The 46-year-old is also under investigation for other unrelated offences.

Second Incident: Man Pulls Down Mask to Taunt SDA, Another Woman Attacks Her

The second incident occurred at Crawford Lane on 26 May this year.

There, a man allegedly approached an SDA and taunted her by pulling down his mask and asking her to catch him.


Court records say the man is 54-years-old, which must be a mistake considering he acted like a 4-year-old in the incident.

Another woman, 25, then approached the SDA as well, pushed her shoulder, and stepped on her foot.

Both the man and woman fled the scene soon after. Why did they attack the woman? No one knows.

The police have identified both suspects and are investigating them for using criminal force, voluntarily causing hurt, and breaching safe distancing measures.

Third Incident: Man in Yishun Verbally Abused Officer and Punched Another Man

The third incident happened at a void deck in Yishun Street 11 on 27 May.

The police were called in to settle a dispute between a group of men in the area. One of the men, a 39-year-old, wanted to leave as officers were interviewing the group.

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When he was told to stay put, the man became aggressive and started uttering vulgarities.

He even allegedly punched another man in the group when the man tried to calm him down.

In the end, the man was arrested for using abusive language against a public servant and causing annoyance while drunk.


The entire group will also be investigated for breaching safe distancing measures.

Jailtime and Hefty Fines Await

The authorities, as you know, do not tolerate their public servants getting abused.

This is why those who use abusive words against a public servant can be imprisoned for up to a year, fined up to $5,000, or both.

Meanwhile, using criminal force carries a penalty of a three-month jail sentence, a $1,500 fine, or both.

Offenders guilty of voluntarily causing hurt can be jailed up to three years, or fined up to $5,000, or both.


So, when an SDA, enforcement officer, or police officer tells you to do something, just do it. 

You can utter all the expletives you want in your head later.

Featured Image: Facebook (Chan Chun Sing)

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