Actor Simon Yam Stabbed in the Stomach While on Stage in China



It wasn’t too long ago that Simon Yam, one of the most familiar faces in Hong Kong showbiz, got into the headlines.

His 1.8m daughter has made people wondered what he’s been feeding her with.

And this morning, the veteran actor is in the limelight again, this time for something that shocked the world.

He was stabbed in the stomach while on stage in front of an audience.

Stabbed in the Stomach While on Stage

This morning (20 July 2019), Simon Yam, who has starred in hits like Young and Dangerous, Election and Ip Man, was in China, Guangdong, as the guest for the opening of a new Beijing Easyhome store. Easyhome is a home improvement and furniture retailer, and has Alibaba as one of its investors.

Simon was on stage speaking to the hosts of the event and handing out gifts as guests were called to the stage.

However, at about 10:17 a.m. local time, a man in a dark vest and jeans suddenly pulled out a knife and lunged at Simon, slabbing and slashing him repeatedly.


Security guards and bystanders immediately rushed to intervene and after a struggle, they managed to subdue the man.


Surprisingly, Simon was still on his feet after that, and even demanded to go to the hospital as he held on to his stomach.


Condition Not Critical But Injuries Still Being Assessed

According to Simon’s manager, his injuries were not critical despite being stabbed in the stomach. The manager said, “A preliminary investigation showed his injuries were not critical but the doctors are still deciding whether to operate on him in Zhongshan or whether we can wait until we return (to Hong Kong).

“I understand the management of Easyhome is panicking and waiting to hear back from Zhongshan public security for an update.”

It’s still unknown why the man had attacked Simon.

In the meantime, let’s hope that Simon would be like the vampire king in My Date with a Vampire II who can recover in record time.


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