Actress Melissa Faith Yeo Charged With Insulting SMRT Employee and Policewoman

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I always wonder what being famous is like.

Honestly, it sounds pretty stressful. Every move you make is scrutinised by the public, being sounded by dozens of people at a press conference.

I’d frankly much rather be the guy behind the TV watching it.

So if you’re as famous as actress Melissa Faith Yeo, 33, you may want to be just a little more careful about stuff you say in public.

Especially if you got busted scolding people with bad language.

Infamous Incidents

More notorious than famous at this time anyway, since Yeo faces four charges of insulting a public servant or public service worker under the Protection from Harassment Act.

Man, how can someone a-four-d to do this when they’re famous?

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So far, three situations in particular have come to light.

The first incident alleged that she made rude hand gestures and hurled vulgarities at Victor Chuang Shi Chang, an assistant station manager, on 21 November 2018.

This occurred at the passenger service centre at Bishan MRT station at about 9.30pm.

Imagine wanting to have a peaceful night, and someone just does this to you, sheesh.

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Incident two occurred on 2 April, 5.40pm this year, when Yeo used expletives on investigation officer Isabella Lee while at Ang Mo Kio.

Lady, why would you do this in a POLICE STATION? Do you want to get arrested?

She didn’t even stop there, since the third incident happened a mere month after the previous.

Yeo was at a block of flats in Ang Mo Kio when she made a remark containing profanity to emergency hotline police operator Domnic Sankar Dass at about 6.30pm.

Why does she seem to want to piss off people related to the police force…?


Possible Damage to Career

If she does lose this case, her reputation will surely suffer.

Image: Tenor

Yeo first appeared in the game show Deal or No Deal as one of the models.

She later expanded out, securing roles in Medicorp shows such as Channel 5’s Point of Entry and Mata Mata.

Yeo also caused quite a stir online, when in 2009 she announced she would be heading to Bangkok for breast augmentation.

Also, she was one of the women who came forward to expose ex-YouTuber Eden Ang’s scandal last year, relating one of her friends’ experience. The post has, however, been removed.

If convicted of using insulting words towards a public servant or public service worker, she could be jailed for a year or fined $5,000 per charge. 


Bro, that’s a potential $20,000 loss! Top it off with jail no less!

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Guess someone should’ve taken a deep breath, counted to five before she said any of those things.

Out in the streets, we have a saying for these people: Talk sh*t? Get hit (with fines and jail time).

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