Adam Khoo Drew Flak for ‘Sexist’ FB Post; Removed Post But Wasn’t Happy with Comments

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Adam Khoo. Where do I even start?

Some people thank him for being the mentor who has brought them success. Some parents think he’s the miracle that can turn this Ah Beng into a Mercs-driving tiko GrabHitch driver:

And some people think he’s akin to Kong Hee, except that he leads you to the path of success instead of to the path to heaven.

Whoever you are, you’ve got to admit that he’s gifted, and so are you.

In recent years, my observation is that his presence in Singapore seems to have dwindled; maybe it’s just me, but a look at his Facebook Page seems to imply that he’s branching out to other courses nowadays, like NLP training, stock market trading training and forex exchange training.

But the Tony Robbins of Singapore is back in the headlines, and this time, he’s happy and then not happy and then very the angry.

Facebook Post on 10 September 2019

Last Tuesday, as you’re fighting off the Tuesday Blues, Adam Road Khoo posted this to his 356K followers on Facebook:

Image: Facebook (Wake Up, Singapore)

In case you can’t read, here’s what he’s posted:

I just went through airport security and I was patted down by a lady (fortunately attractive). I could see that she was enjoying herself smiling as she caressed my leg.

How come lady security officers are allowed to pat down men…while men security officers are not allowed to pay down ladies

Why the double standards? Why should only the lady security officers get to enjoy their job?

Normally people have to pay money to touch me.

See something wrong with his post?


Here’s what wrong.


He should be banned from Facebook for posting—

Oh, wait. That’s not the point.

According to my non-existent female friends, that post’s sexist.

Image: gfycat

Forget the first paragraph that seemed to be taken from Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s what follows that matters. I mean, “enjoy their job”? “Pay money to touch me”?

It’s obviously a joke, but Preetipls should have told him that the line between a joke and an offensive post is as thin as an influencer’s waist.

The backlash then came, and soon after, Adam Road removed the post.

But instead of doing a Benjamin Kheng, he got a tad aggressive, posting this two days later:


Once again, if you can’t read:

some people have such an inflexible mind that they don’t know how to take a joke…they get offended by anything that does not match their perfect model of the world. Very sad people.

But hey, that didn’t end.

Branding As a Motivational Speaker

Adam Road is a motivational speaker, so he posted yet another response early this morning, this time justifying his actions with tidbits of life advice:

Here’s the unabridged version that’ll motivate you to be a better person:

A few days ago, I posted a joke about an observation I had …and had no idea how much of a shit-storm it would create online. The funny thing is that the same words I wrote made some people laugh and another group of people got offended/disgusted.


Why would the SAME words cause such DIFFERENT emotions and reactions in people? Indeed it is not the event (words) that determine our emotions BUT how we choose to interpret, give meaning to and respond to an event that determines how we feel and how we act.

Some people interpreted my words as a joke and laughed. Some people interpreted my words to mean that I was disrespectful, chauvinistic, misogynistic and got very angry.

Initially, when I read some hateful comments, I felt angry myself as I felt that these people misjudged/misinterpreted my intentions, my values and beliefs.

My intention was purely humour. I have always prided myself as being someone who respects every single person regardless of race, religion or sex. In fact, I have the utmost love, honour and respect for the women in my life. I would not be the person I am today without the love and support from my wife, mothers and daughters. If women lead the world, we would have a lot more peace, love and understanding.

Initially, I responded with anger myself as I felt misjudged/misunderstood. Then I realised that I too had a choice of how to feel and how to respond. I could choose to interpret the hateful comments as attacks against me or choose to interpret it as feedback to change the way I communicated.

As I reflected on my life purpose, I remembered that it was to make a positive difference in people’s lives and to make the world better.

By attacking those who gave negative comments, it justified my actions BUT it hurt those people even more. I disregarded their feelings. It totally went against my life values and purpose. For that, I sincerely apologise. If my words have made anyone feel bad/angry, then I am sorry.

My life’s purpose has always been to empower people to be the best version of themselves and I myself, need to do a much better job at it. I will continue to do my best to make this world a better place and if I do screw up again, do remember to let me know.


Interesting enough, all comments were defending him, because it’s pumped everyone up:

Image: Facebook (Adam Khoo)

In the meantime, I feel so motivated as well. Maybe it’s time to vote more women into politics because the world will then be a better place.


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