Additional Tickets to JJ Lin’s Concert to be Released Tomorrow (31 Oct)

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Like what my colleague once said, “Goody Feed boss is goody, but JJ Lin is bae.”

So bae that recently, healthcare staff took turns to lie on a hospital bed that he’d once lied on, and 11 of them were suspended from work for six months when the news got viral.

If you’re like those healthcare professionals who also think that JJ Lin is bae, you’d know that he’s holding a concert here in Singapore on 21 December and 22 December 2019 in the National Stadium.

Known as the JJ Lin Sanctuary 2.0 World Tour, it was initially scheduled for a one-night concert on 21 December 2019, but after overwhelming demand, a second show was added for 22 December 2019.

The tickets for the concert were released in August and September, and needlessly to say, they sold out faster than you can read this paragraph.

But fret not; there’s no need to delve into the black market to lose your money. Or to sell your kidney to buy from scalpers.

For some reason, a limited number of extra tickets will be released tomorrow morning (31 October) at 10am.

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Unfortunately, the tickets are Cat 5 tickets, which is the farthest from the stage, so you’d probably be looking at the screen instead of him (those in green):


Still better than just lying on a bed that he’s lain down on.

The 5 tickets are priced at S$148, and it’s unknown how many tickets were released and which day it is for.

You can buy the tickets online, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium box office, and at all Singpost outlets.

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