Admission To USS, Adventure Cove Waterpark & Maritime Experiential Museum For The Price of One

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Everybody knows RWS, short for Resorts World Sentosa, right? After all, that’s the place you bring your girl crush to if you want to give her a great day out.

What if I tell you that for the month of July, there’s no need to choose one park to go to. Instead, you can choose three to go to.

And only need to pay for one.

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Admission to 3 RWS Parks For The Price of One For SAF Personnel

From now until 31 July, book your admission tickets to RWS attractions and get a 3-For-1 deal on their attractions.

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Only valid for onsite purchase, in other words, buying at the ticketing counter, all you have to do is to present a valid 11B when you make the purchase to enjoy the deal.

Just take note that 11B must be presented upon entry to all attractions as well.

Make sure to fast-hand-fast-leg because there are limited tickets available.

Each 11B is entitled to 2 packages per transaction, which means, you can buy one for yourself and one for your girlfriend/friend/girl crush and let her enjoy the special prize.

Plus, the promo period might end by 31 July, but the visit validity period is until 31 Oct 2018.

You can choose between the three packages available.

Packages Available:

Package 1 (limited to 1,000 packages): Universal Studios Singapore + S.E.A. Aquarium + The Maritime Experiential Museum Adult One Day Ticket at S$76.00 (U.P. S$121)

Package 2 (limited to first 1,000 packages): Universal Studios Singapore + Adventure Cove Waterpark + The Maritime Experiential Museum Adult One Day Ticket at S$76.00 (U.P. S$126)

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Package 3 (limited to first 2,000 packages): S.E.A. Aquarium + The Maritime Experiential Museum + Adventure Cove Waterpark Adult One Day Ticket at S$38.00 (U.P. S$83)

RWS has four parks on the island of Sentosa, each one as exciting as the last.

Universal Studios Singapore

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Want a day of adrenaline rush? Just make your way to USS and ride the terrifying tall Human vs Cylon rollercoaster. Not a fan of heights? Experience the extreme turns and twists at The Mummy ride instead.

Check out their street performances and eat like a king at the New York strip.

S.E.A Aquarium

Image: PUMPZA /

The underwater world at Sentosa might be no more but Singaporeans won’t really miss it (except for the memories).


Because there’s the S.E.A Aquarium park where you can explore the depths of the ocean in comfort.

Play with sea creatures and watch their beauty up close and personal.

Adventure Watercove Park

Image: Artorn Thongtukit /

The east has Wild Wild Wet and Sentosa has Adventure Cove Waterpark.

Slide down the most exciting slides including the newest ride, Vortex, which brings you on exciting 360 degrees loops.

You’ll probably end up looking like this.


Don’t take my word for it. Check out the video of their rides for yourself.

And finally, The Maritime Experiential Museum

Want something educational as well as fun? A history buff? Check out the Maritime Experiential Museum which will bring you back to the days of the silk route and experience what it’s like to live in those days.

So there you go. An RWS deal not to be missed.

Time to make that girl happy…for cheap. OR, if you’re a girl, time to jio out your guy friend who has 11B.

You’re welcome! 😉

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