Ah Boys to Men 4, About ICT, Released a Poster and Gained 15K Shares in a Day


The Ah Boys to Men series is releasing a fourth instalment, if you’ve been living under a rock all this time. And by all this time I mean all of 1 day plus, since the teaser poster has only been out since 15 March.

If you noticed the share count, it’s about 15k. Just goes to show that if everyone likes it, even a dead horse can be beaten continuously.

Ah Boys to Men and its second part, Ah Boys to Men 2 (both subtitled 新兵正传), were originally released in 2012 and 2013 respectively, telling the story of a group of army recruits serving NS. This comedy was rather well received by the public, and soon a sequel was released in 2015.

The sequel, Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen, detailed an alternate version of the story of the same group of recruits, in the Naval Diving Unit instead of the standard Basic Military Training.

This time, according to the poster, it seems the fourth instalment is going to be about reservist ICT, and the back view of the armoured vehicle might mean this film is yet another reboot/alternate version of the original.

It remains to be seen how this concept will be received by the public, though many have commented on the incessant rehashing of overused concepts (read: beating the aforementioned dead horse).


It seems rather difficult to tell a true-to-life tale, however, considering the kind of stories circulated by ex-NSmen are usually rather… not politically correct.

Seeing as this is a comedy, however, Jack Neo might just take that route.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Ah Boys to Men)

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