Air-Con Diffuser Grille Dropped on Kid in Bedok Mall’s Pepper Lunch

I find myself looking up at the heavens during odd periods of the day.

In the morning, eye booger-ed blurry, and with a groggy head, I wonder if heaven will be so kind as to toss me a bag of gold bars or byte-sized bitcoins for my immediate retirement.

In the noon, looking up at the skies would mean that I’m out of writing inspiration, seeking the ghost of Shakespeare and Faulkner for a kind word or phrase.

At night, I’m looking up at the skies because I’m lying on my back, and that’s a natural position to adopt because my name’s not Sadako.

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Half a Kilogram Object Falling From The Sky

A Singaporean dad though, looked up to the sky, or rather, the ceiling, in horror as his son went “So pain, so pain” at Bedok Mall’s Pepper Lunch on Monday (27 May).

According to Stomp, a ten-year-old boy was injured by a falling aircon diffuser grille when it was dislodged from the eatery’s ceiling.

If you don’t know what an aircon diffuser grille is, it’s actually this commonplace object that I’m sure 99% of us have seen.

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The contraption helps to distribute or take in cold and hot air in an optimal manner.

Straight On

But optimal would have been the last word on Mr Wu Caizhong’s mind as he heard a loud noise while checking on emails at the diner.

Seated right next to him at the corner of the eatery, his son had apparently felt the full force of the half-a-kg grille when it came dislodged from the ceiling, travelling a full three metres before making an impact on his son’s head.

Mr Wu had initially not known the source of the sound, but only realized how close to home (or him) it struck when his son pressed on his head while going “So pain, so pain”.

Lying on the floor next to his table, a diffuser grille was found, with a hole in the ceiling where it once was.

Sent To KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital With Four 2cm-longed Bloody Streaks

After receiving advice from the restaurant that the closest clinic to the restaurant was two bus-stops away, Mr Wu, worried for his son’s well-being, chose to drive him to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital instead.

He told Stomp, “My son was cut by the grille, leaving him with four bloody streaks (each 2cm-long) on the head. Fortunately, he did not need stitches and the doctor applied medicine on the wounds.”

Upon hearing of their son’s injuries, Mr Wu’s wife rushed to the hospital immediately.

The family only reached home at around 9 PM, a full 6.5 hours after the incident occurred.

Mr Wu has since made a police report on the matter and hopes that the restaurant investigates the matter thoroughly to prevent future occurrences.

Here’s to hoping for Junior Wu’s speedy recovery.

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