Air New Zealand Has Coffee Cups You Can Eat; A Sweet Way To Reduce Waste

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I have always wanted to be a flight attendant. Unfortunately, I am a centimetre too short and a few kilograms too heavy for the iconic Singapore Girl in sarong kebaya.

I would look a lot like this –

Image: Tenor

It doesn’t do it any justice at all, doesn’t it?

Aviation has come an incredibly long way since the day of mountain giants and dinosaurs. It’s 2019 and mountain giants and dinosaurs have become extinct because of Global Warming.

Image: Giphy

Imagine a world without havoc wrecking giant flesh-eating reptiles. I could never.

The aviation industry is one of the many contributors to global warming. That’s why Greta Thunberg hates airplanes.

Image: Starecat

But in the industry’s defence, more and more airlines have joined the sustainability wagon in response to the United Nations’ Sustainability Movement.

Air New Zealand, in particular, has kick-started their involvement on a very yummy note. The airline has taken sustainability to the next level. Combatting waste is Air New Zealand’s very own edible coffee cups.

Image: Air New Zealand

Don’t they look scrumptious? Perfectly browned and crisped at the sides… It’s another one for the bucket list, folks.

Reducing The Amount of Waste Generated on Flights

According to BBC, Air New Zealand serves its passengers at least eight million cups of coffee a year. That’s eight million cups worth of generated waste!

The edible coffee cups were then created as a means to reduce the amount of waste.

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Air New Zealand shared that the trial of the edible cups was the company’s response to the growing trend of other airlines transitioning on to the use of compostable cups made of paper and corn.

What makes Air New Zealand’s cups different?


Produced by the local company Twiice, the edible coffee cups are made out of vanilla-flavoured biscotti. Fancy a snack after your cuppa? Air New Zealand’s got you covered.

Image: Air New Zealand

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The cups are also leak-proof and retain the heat of the beverage. The airline also uses it as dessert cups. How sweet. Literally.

A statement from the airline said that it is a part of their efforts in finding “innovative ways to meet sustainability challenge”.


Not Everybody’s Given Their Thumbs Up

Who wouldn’t love these cups? Who doesn’t love biscotti?

It’s not surprising that everybody who’s tried it loved it.

Image: Tenor

“The cups have been a big hit with the customers who have used these,” said Niki Chave from Air New Zealand.

Despite the edible cup’s growing fanbase, many have taken it to Twitter to express their “concerns” and “objection” on the edible biscotti cups.


Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter

Well, you can’t please everyone now, can you?

But there’s no changing the fact that it’s still a pretty delightful improvement. Unless you’re vegan or can’t take gluten. Though I am pretty sure that improvements will be made after the first phase of trials.

Who knows? We might get gingerbread cups or season cups of sorts. It’s a cup for everybody. Sister of the travelling cups!


So who’s booking a flight to New Zealand? Smuggle a bad boy for me, won’t you?

Image: Giphy