AirAsia Is Opening A Fast-Food Restaurant Based on In-Flight Menu


An airline and a fast food restaurant is something that’s a world apart.

Or is it?

Because a certain airline CEO doesn’t think so. And told the entire world that his airline is going to open a fast-food restaurant.

AirAsia Airline To Open Fast-Food Restaurant

AirAsia prides themselves on their in-flight menu.

They believed in it so much that they’ve decided they’ll open up a restaurant selling it to people on the ground.


That was what AirAsia Group CEO, Tony Fernandes, revealed in a television programme, Larry King Now.

“I think our food is fantastic. We believe in it so much we’re going to start a fast-food restaurant out of it.”

And the restaurant will be called Santan, similar to its in-flight menu’s name.

Santan Food Festival

Back in 2017, AirAsia set the impressive goal of trying to change a common concept in the airline industry: that airline food sucks (unless, of course, we’re talking about the high-SES ones like those from SIA).

And in quite possibly the first time in airlines’ recent history, they invited the media and influencers to an airline food festival at their main office in Kuala Lumpur.


Yes, a food tasting event for airline food.

A Commitment To Exploring Countries They’re In

And it’s not just Malaysia’s local cuisine they want to showcase.

AirAsia said they’ll explore the countries they service regularly and seek to elevate the local food and drinks enterprises.

In Asia, there are plenty of local food and drinks that are undiscovered by the world, and many of them might even be better than the big brands that we’re used to.

Which is why AirAsia works closely with local farmers and entrepreneurs when it comes to their in-flight hospitality offerings.

Gourmet In-Flight Dining Experience

So there you are, wondering how AirAsia is going to style their restaurant if it really opens for business.


Expect something like the Gudetama flight experience.

Except, maybe, not that extensive.

But AirAsia Group CEO, Tony Fernandez, said that it’ll be a “gourmet in-flight dining experience”.

Which, we took to mean that, you’ll feel like you’re dining on an aeroplane and not on the ground.

Without using your passport or shelling out hundreds of dollars for a boarding pass.


Not that most people have fond memories of eating on an aeroplane. But hey, AirAsia does pretty noteworthy in-flight service, plus people were raving over their in-flight menu (especially the Nasi Lemak), so there must be something to look forward to, right?

Not sure if the restaurant is going to be in Singapore, but if it is, we’re so going to try it for our #FastFoodFriday articles.