Air-Con Servicing Also Not Allowed During Circuit Breaker Period So Good Luck If Your Air-Con Is Leaking Water

If your wife has been asking you to get someone in to service aircon for a long time, and you didn’t do it, good luck to you.

Because during this one month of circuit breaker, aircon servicing is not allowed.

So if your aircon leaks, well, all I can say is:

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Concerned Citizen Raised Up Questions About Businesses Selling Non-Essential Products Online

TODAY received a letter from a concerned citizen who only wanted to be known as Mr Tan. He wrote in to ask about the “grey area” of businesses which has both an online and offline presence.

He pointed out that during this period, businesses selling non-essential products continue selling their products online.

While others require only a quick drop-off, there are products that require deliverymen to stay within the premises for a while to assemble the furniture.

How is that different, he asked, from the “hopping from home to home” that PM Lee has asked Singaporeans not to do?

He felt that deliverymen should be given an advisory since they go to different homes every day.

MTI Responds: Businesses Still Allowed To Continue Selling

On 7 Apr, MTI responded to the queries raised up by TODAY.

They shared that during this period, businesses can continue to operate online and sell “non-essential products” because Singaporeans might need to buy them.


Shoppers that TODAY spoke to agreed that online businesses bring about much relief to them.

An undergraduate shared that she now purchases all of her health supplements, skincare products and baking equipment online.

Another shopper shared that even now, he has not gotten everything that he needs. And that his deliveries are getting cancelled, most likely due to the exceedingly high demand in Singapore.

Qoo10 reported a spike of 65% in their daily sales while Shopee merely said that their traffic and transaction volumes “remain robust”.

Precautions Required For Deliverymen

However, the authorities’ not going to let the businesses anyhowly do things.

They have some guidelines for deliverymen during this period:

  • On-site manpower must be kept to a “minimum”
  • Temperature-taking and health declaration must be done every time the worker comes to work
  • Physical interaction with others must be minimised
  • Masks must be worn at all times and contact with customers and colleagues must be reduced
  • Safe-distancing must be observed during on-site assembly

They’ve also added that aircon servicing is considered a “non-essential” service and should not be done during this period.


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