SingPost Suspends All Airmail to the UK & Any Destination That Transits Through The Country


If you’ve just bought some fancy new clothes or bags from a UK shop, we may have some unfortunate news for you.

Also better to support local businesses anyway lah.

All Airmail From & Through the UK Suspended

In an announcement on 30 December 2020, SingPost has announced the suspension of all airmail service that either originates from, or transits via, the United Kingdom.

However, as only airmail is restricted, you may still engage Speedpost Express and Speedpost Economy’s surface mail.

So you’re not cut off from all deliveries from the UK, but it’d take much, much longer.

In comparison, surface mail takes three to 17 weeks while airmail takes only three to 12 business days, as travelling by air is much faster.

Now, you might be wondering: is it due to the new coronavirus strain?


Well, yes and no.

New Lockdown Imposed in the UK

This is due to the new lockdown reimposed in the UK by their Prime Minister Boris Johnson in an effort to combat their surge in COVID-19 cases, which affects the postage service.

They’ve been experiencing a newly mutated and more contagious strain of the virus, which has contributed greatly due to their massive spike in infected cases.

Despite their vaccines being rolled out, they have reported a record of 58,784 new cases on Monday.

Currently, while it is more contagious, there are no indications that it is more dangerous or deadly.

All we can do for now is to wish the UK all the best in their efforts to curb the spread of infections and stabilise the situation.

Meanwhile, you can resort to using surface mail for your parcels and letters.

By the time they reach you, the lockdown should’ve ended #justsaying

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