Netflix Confirms That Alice in Borderland Will Have a 2nd Season


Live-action manga and anime adaptations usually don’t go well.

I mean, I’m sure we all remember Dragon Ball.

If you don’t know or remember this, consider yourself fortunate. If you’re like me and have been scarred by this… I rest my case.

There are, however, exceptions.

For example, Alita: Battle Angel was a pretty decent adaptation.

And then there’s the recent Netflix hit.

Alice In Borderland

There’s a good chance you’d have heard about it at least peripherally either from social media or your friends.

The series is based on an isekai manga where the main characters are transported to a post-apocalyptic parallel world where they end up trapped and forced to play several deadly games for their own survival.

It has been met with highly positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, praising its action, story, intensity, and production, with many comparing it movies like Saw. On top of it all, it actually follows the manga accurately to an acceptable degree.

You heard that, Dragonball Evolution?!

And whenever we get a good show that we love on Netflix, our biggest fear is that it doesn’t get renewed and we’re stuck with an unfinished story forever, because Netflix loves doing that.

The wait for the news on a second season has been feeling like a game of Hearts.

Renewed for 2nd Season

With its incredible reception, it’s no wonder that it has been renewed for a second season.

While unclear on when the second season will be released, it’s safe to assume that the earliest it can be done is late 2021, or a safer bet would be 2022.

But hey, at least it’s coming. Meanwhile I’m never getting Daredevil Season 4.

If you haven’t checked out the series yet, you can watch the trailer here:


Now, you can safely watch Season 1 knowing that you won’t be left hanging after you binge all 8 episodes in 2 hours.

Bad news for any younger readers, its overall dark theme, violence, and sexual content, has earned itself an R21 rating.

If you haven’t, you check out these 10 things about the show that might help persuade you to get into it.




And oh, we’re now waiting for the confirmation of Sweet Home Season 2. Netflix, you do know that Disney+ is coming to Singapore, right? Totally not a threat.

Featured Image: Alice in Borderland