Alien Huang’s Death Couldn’t Be Prevented Even If Someone Was Beside Him


Alien Huang passed away alone in his home on 16 Sep 2020.

His body was found by his father, and an autopsy revealed that Huang had died to an aortic dissection, a condition where the aorta (blood vessel) branching off from the heart tears.

As with every tragedy that happens, a lot of what-ifs will crop up, especially to his loved ones.

What if I insisted that he shouldn’t move out of the house?

What if I had managed to contact him a few hours before, would it have made a difference?

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Heartbreaking questions that may never be answered, forever, for some people.

In Huang’s case, however, there’s an answer.

Alien Huang’s Death Couldn’t Be Prevented Even If Someone Was Beside Him

According to a report from Kwong Wah, nothing would change even if someone was beside him when he collapsed.

Huang’s medical checkup last year revealed no serious, life-threatening health conditions and even in death, his expression was calm and peaceful, as though he was simply taking a nap.


The autopsy doctor told reporters that because the condition struck hard and fast, even if there was someone who was beside him when it happened, it would be “very hard” to save his life.

When Huang’s body was found, he had already passed away for some time because his body was showing signs of rigour mortis.

His then-underground girlfriend had taken to her Instagram account to reveal how she had tried to contact him on that fateful day.

Jacky Wu: Alien Huang Didn’t Feel Much Pain

Speaking to Taiwanese media at Huang’s funeral, Jacky Wu, visibly devastated, told Taiwanese media that Huang didn’t feel much pain when he passed away.

He had spoken with Huang’s father prior to speaking to the media and was merely echoing what he was told.

Image: YouTube

He said that Huang probably suffered for 3 seconds “before he left”.

“It was like shutting down a computer.”

He added that the variety show he was hosting with Alien Huang and Kid Lin, Mr Player, might end with Huang’s death.

They will air the last five episodes which were already filmed before discussing the next step with the production team.


For the past few days, Jacky Wu was devastated at the news of Huang’s demise.

Other than a tribute to Huang online, he had also asked if Huang could “take leave and come back, even just for a little while”.

According to reports, the Mr Player team is also helping out with Huang’s wake.

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