All the creepiest ghostly encounters in the north, south, east and west of S’pore that’ll give you nightmares

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Whether to believe them or not, it’s up to you! But for us, we’ll definitely be staying home at night as much as possible.


Yishun park
It is said that pontianaks roam the fields at Yishun Park. If you’re there for a night run, you better keep your pace up! And run faster if you smell something weird! Who knows, maybe this is the way to become Singapore’s next SEA games medalist?

Sembawang Park
Other than some good ol’ pontianaks. It is also one of the places where mass execution took place during the Japanese Occupation. It may have awesome Johor scenery but I’m sure not going to walk there alone at night!


Haw Par Villa
No, it’s not just scary statues playing tricks on our minds. Legend has it that one of the gates to hell is in Haw Par Villa itself and that security guards would have stories about how screams could be heard from the ’10 Courts of Hell’. There is a small deserted hill on park grounds that became a dumping site for several statues long abandoned over the years. It is said that these unused statues are possessed by wandering spirits.

Labrador Park
Another massacre site during the Japanese Occupation. There have been reports of apparitions dressed in military uniforms wandering around the area and pontianaks.

Telok Blangah
This was all over the news! A Malay man named Riandy and his family stayed at a flat in Telok Blangah opposite a stretch of forest from 1975 to 1999. During this period, Riandy experienced many strange paranormal activities at home such as seeing a blurry figure, hearing someone quarrelling  and even smelling a foul stench. Despite moving to Choa Chu Kang in 1999, the hauntings continued. For 7 straight years, on the 13th of every month, around 2 to 3am, he would dream of the long-haired Chinese lady in white pleading for help in his old house. It was later revealed that the lady ghost was Madam Xue and that her tomb was found neglected and sunken in the ground among the trees opposite his old house in Telok Blangah.


Bishan MRT station
Bishan station is known for strange noises, such as loud laughter and footsteps on top of the train and headless apparitions that can be seen walking down the aisle. There was a story of a passenger who saw a girl board the train who then removed her head and placed it on the empty seat next to her. Well, Bishan station is the former site of Peck San Theng cemetery.

Ang Mo Kio MRT Station
Here, there are sightings of what is known as the White Ghost with yellow eyes and a hooded cape that often targets lonely people. There’s also a terrifying account by a train passenger who saw a pale-faced woman in kebaya with unkempt black hair at Toa Payoh station platform and again at Bishan station. The woman merely stood at the platform without boarding the train. Nobody else seemed to notice her. The witness kept staring at her, thinking it strange how anyone could look that pale and how she could have been at Bishan so fast without boarding the train at all. That’s when the woman slowly turned her head to face the witness. A mean look of grief and envy filled the woman’s dull eyes. When the train reached Ang Mo Kio station, the woman suddenly vanished.

Novena MRT Station
Once a Jewish cemetery, the maintenance personnel at Novena MRT saw apparitions of coffin-bearers marching in the tunnels while doing their checks. The alerted maintenance personnel chased the “people”, thinking that civilians have wandered onto the tracked, only to see them disappear into the tunnel walls.


Bedok Reservoir
Notorious given the amount of downing that have taken place at the reservoir, people have reported feeling a strong pulling sensation towards the waters. Some people dismiss them as being overly paranoid. However, nobody can deny the suspiciously high rate of drownings at the reservoir.

Haunted Bedok Block 99
It’s a classic spooky tale of a jilted wife who threw her 3-year-old son down from the 25th floor before jumping to her death. All she left was a message ‘It’s not over, darling’ on their apartment wall in blood. The man couldn’t sell the house so he moved in with his mistress before getting married and they soon, they had a child.

3 years later, something returned to haunt the child, leading him to jump out the window. But it wasn’t the ghost of the jilted ex-wife. Later, the parents found a message: ‘This is for Mommy’ scribbled in black on the walls of their room.


Pontianaks lurk there and some night visitors have reported hearing loud sounds of Chinese opera music playing and it’s not even midnight yet. Rumour has it, Jurong West residents have their fair share of house hauntings, like being tripped in the shower and TVs that remain switched on despite not being connected to the power outlet.