Alleged StanChart robber revealed: here’s how he managed to escape capture for 3 days


Just yesterday, the suspect of the robbery at Standard Chartered’s Holland Village branch was apprehended in Bangkok, Thailand.

According to Shin Min Daily News (and corroborated by various media outlets), the suspect is Sydney-born Canadian James David Roach.

Image: Shin Min Daily News
Image: Shin Min Daily News

Within hours of his alleged crime, the 26-year-old had fled the country, and managed to evade capture for 3 days by laying low at the $16-at-night Boxpackers Hostel located in Bangkok’s Ratchathewi district.

Roach switched rooms every night in an effort to remain unrecognised. On the night he was nabbed by the Thai police, he was believed to be rooming with 9 other backpackers.

The newspaper found out that Roach didn’t make any prior reservations before arrival, but got a room on the spot after enquiring about the various rates available (with the stolen $30,000, no doubt).

Just a quick recap of the StanChart robbery: last Thursday, the suspect entered Standard Chartered’s Holland Village branch and handed a note over to a bank teller. The note read: “This is a robbery. Give me money. Don’t call police. I have a weapon.”

Image: Shin Min Daily News
Image: Shin Min Daily News

The teller obliged because the bank had no security guards at the time of the robbery.

The suspect made away with $30,000 in cash.